Introducing the LumaSoothe 2 Light Therapy Device! The LumaSoothe 2 is a low-level light therapy device designed for pets. This is a user-friendly device that allows you to provide your dog or cat with the benefits of light therapy right from the comfort of your home.

Light therapy is beneficial when addressing many common ailments in our pets, from skin issues or hair loss to joint pain or soft tissue injuries. To achieve these benefits, the LumaSoothe has two treatment modes – deep and surface – and utilizes 5 different wavelengths of light – infrared light therapy, red light therapy, blue light therapy, yellow, and green light therapy.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of the LumaSoothe makes for a comfortable session for both you and your pet. Learn more about the benefits of this device and how to use it in the video below.

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LumaSoothe 2 Light Therapy Device for Pets available at FarmVet

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