Our tack can be some of the most expensive assets we own – and protecting that investment starts with proper care and maintenance. But let’s face it, few of us are thrilled to spend our time cleaning our leather goods at the barn instead of with our precious ponies. That’s why we have outlined three essential products from Absorbine for quick cleaning and conditioning so you can get back in the saddle. Use each of these products on a variety of leather products, including saddles, boots, bridles, reins, and more.  


Get Rid of Stuck on Grime  

Absorbine's Leather Tack Therapy at FarmVet

Step one to your leather cleaning routine should always be to remove the surface dirt and grime. Leather Therapy Wash makes this step easy as it deep cleans from the inside out without leaving any greasy residue. It will lift dirt away from even the most intricate tooling designs and requires no rising – saving you time. The wash contains beneficial lubricants for the leather, unlike other products that require complete rinsing. Spray onto a sponge and wipe down the leather or lightly apply to the leather and let the wash do the work for you. Wipe away the lifted dirt with a soft cloth or sponge and voilà!  


Time to Shine  

Absorbine's Leather Tack Therapy Conditioner at FarmVet

Following up the wash with a conditioner is crucial for extending the life of your leather products. Absorbine’s Restorer and Conditioner lifts old and damaging oils and soaps from within the fibers and brings back the leather’s rich color and original feel. Regular use will also help prevent mold and mildew, making the next time you clean easier. Use a sponge to apply light layers of product to the leather, allowing it to dry in between layers. Wipe away any old oils or soaps with a damp sponge as they surface.  

“This stuff is amazing. It brought a lovely French leather saddle back to life after numerous encounters with rain. The leather looked like bleached bones in the desert until I started using this. It’s magic!”

Farmvet Customer


One Step Is Just Fine  

Absorbine's Horseman's One Step Cleaner and Conditioner for tack at FarmVet

Absorbine took care of us when they created the Horseman’s One Step cleaner and conditioner. It is an excellent option for restoring your leather to like-new condition in no time at all. It will lift away dirt and sweat while transforming dry, cracked leather into its original soft and pliable condition with a beautiful shine and no-residue finish. Apply a light layer using a damp cloth or sponge and rub in. For very dry or cracked leather, apply more than one layer. Use a soft cloth or brush to buff over tooling and thoroughly lift the dirt away.  

“I love this stuff! It is truly a one-step product. It cleans and conditions without being greasy and actually cleans the tack. I use it on everything.”

Farmvet customer


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