We’ve all heard the saying… “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” When you walk through the gate into the show ring, what will be the judge’s first impression of your horse? Having a well-groomed and neatly presented horse can help you look and feel your best on show day, no matter the results to follow. Here are some grooming products to help your horse achieve show-ready glam. 

They are Beauty, They are Grace, They Need a Beautiful Face 

Horse Shave for grooming at horse shows at Farmvet

A clean, well-presented look always starts with a little trim. Chances are you already clipped your horse before trailering to the show, but by the time show day arrives, they are often rocking the 5 o’clock shadow. Horse Shave disposable razors are the perfect option for a touch-up. This pocket-sized razor is a safe and efficient way to clean up around their muzzle and face without irritating them with the noise of the clippers right before you show. This also makes the Horse Shave an excellent option for horses that hate clippers. Simply follow their facial contour with the shaver to achieve your show-ready look. 

Face Glo for grooming at horse shows at Farmvet

Don’t forget a little highlight to go with that fresh shave. Silverado Face Glo is a perfect option for creating a shine without a greasy appearance. It is made of moisturizing ingredients to condition the skin and prevent bleaching or burning from sun exposure. And as a bonus, it smells amazing! Use your hands or a towel to apply to your horse’s nose, tips of ears, and above their eyes to create a highlighted, polished look. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Grand Champion fly repellent for grooming at horse shows at Farmvet

Now that you have their face clean and polished, it’s time to have the body to match. Farnam’s Grand Champion Spray is an easy ring-side option for the spring and summer months. This aerosol bottle creates a beautiful shine and keeps the bugs away. Spray over their full body and wipe with a soft brush or cloth to increase shine and kill and repel multiple species of insects. Your horse will look great and feel great without distractions from biting insets. 

World Champion Pepi for grooming at horse shows at Farmvet

A final touch to show ring preparations should always include combing through your horse’s mane and tail. World Champion Pepi is a great last-minute conditioner that will add the necessary shine to really stand out. As a final touch-up, spray on their mane and tail and comb through for a lustrous sheen. Also, spray this on their body to create an intensified shine to catch the judges eye! 

Pretty Pretty Toes!

Absorbine SuperShine hoof polish for grooming at horse shows at Farmvet

Hoof polish is an often-overlooked detail that can elevate your show appearance. Details do matter, after all. SuperShine Hoof Polish from Absorbine is a quick-drying polish that gives your horse’s hooves a mirror-like finish. It repels dirt and dust and seals out moisture to protect the hoof. Apply 1-2 coats to each hoof and allow to dry. The formula is available in either clear or black. 

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