Do you know what’s great about a clean horse? EVERYTHING! Whether you are going to a lesson or preparing to show the judges what you’ve got in the ring, a clean horse is the ultimate power move. Haas has a line of exceptional brushes that can help you groom like the pros, but we bet you didn’t know if used in a specific order, they will work together to create a coat that will stun every time. Let us explain.

Haas Striegel groom Curry at Farmvet

Step 1 – The Beginning

Dirt and grim are a big no, so start with the Striegel Curry or the Striegel Plastic Curry to groom that caked-on dirt or mud from your horse. These brushes will both give you a fresh canvas to start your work. These two brushes easily remove caked-on mud from your horse’s coat, but for sensitive skin, the Striegel Curry is a softer, more flexible plastic. The Striegel Plastic Curry works double duty with more coarse bristles allowing you to use it for removing dirt and dust from your brushes.

Haas Parcour groom Brush at Farmvet

Step 2

After currying mud off your horse, use the Parcour brush to remove dust from deep within the coat. Its dense black and grey horsehair bristles ensure no dirt clumps are left behind. 

Hass Lipizzaner groom brush at Farmvet

Step 3

After no clumped dirt remains, the Lipizzaner brush has two layers to remove dirt and create a dust-free shine. Plus it tackles sweat and oil to clean your horse’s coat all the way to the skin.

Haas Kavalliere groom Brush at Farmvet

Step 4

Next, the Kavalliere brush is when you will start to see a big difference in the way your horse’s coat appears. This brush removes lingering dust brought up by the previous brushing. The brush is even soft enough to use all over your horse’s body, including their face.

Haas Noir groom Brush at FarmVet

Step 5

The Noir Brush has soft bristles that remove any final bits of dirt while providing a beautiful shine. Your sensitive skinned horses will LOVE this brush. It is gentle yet effective. 

Haas Diva Exklusiv groom brush at FarmVet

Step 6 – The Big Finale

Finally, the Diva Exklusiv is so luxuriously soft you’ll be tempted to take it home for yourself, but more than that this is THE show brush. This brush takes off even the smallest amount of dust. The genuine lambskin center is the final touch to make your horse shine for that show finish all the judges are looking for! 

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