Birds chirping, sun shining, warm breeze blowing… There’s so much to look forward to as Spring rolls in. But along with the longer days and warmer temperatures comes the dreaded shedding season. As our horses blow their winter coats, it seems impossible to even give them a loving pat without being blanketed by their loose hair. We have a few tips to help you get through the spring shed with a little less mess.

Brush, Brush, Brush

The best thing you can do during shedding season is brush often and thoroughly. It sounds simple and non-innovative, but it will help rid of that winter coat much more quickly.

Curry combs will be your best friend during shedding season. Brush with vigorous, circular strokes all over their body to free hair and trapped dirt.

Epona Shed Flower Curry Comb for shedding available at FarmVet

You can use the traditional curry comb, or add a little fun to the routine with the Epona Shed Flower Curry Comb. This lightweight de-shedding tool packs all the power of a traditional curry and makes grooming fun and easy. This tool is powerful on dirt and grim and is highly durable and rust-resistant.

StripHair Original Gentle Groomer for shedding available at FarmVet

If your horse is more sensitive and dislikes the curry, we recommend the StripHair Original Gentle Groomer. This multi-functioning grooming tool is more gentle than a traditional curry, and allows you to shed, shampoo, slick, shine, and massage your horse.

Follow up your curry session with a stiff brush to flick away the loosened hair.

Suck It Up

No, we don’t mean deal with it, we mean, literally, suck it up. Petting, brushing, or currying, creates hundreds of little flyaways that then get stuck to your clothes, arms, face… It’s a mess!

Electro Groom vacuum for shedding available at FarmVet

Avoid the mess by using an Electro Groom vacuum to neatly remove dirt, dust, and loose hair from your horse’s coat. With multiple attachments available, you can choose the one that suits your horse and your needs. This durable vacuum will make grooming sessions easier year-round, but especially during the spring shed, leaving their coats sleek and shiny.

Bath and Condition

Your horse’s coat may get a bit of a dull appearance during their shed due to the loose hair. A good bath will go a long way for both refreshing their coat and helping them shed. You might be surprised at how much hair you can wash away in just one bath!

Epona April Power Shower Sponge for shedding available at FarmVet

The Epona April Power Shower Sponge is perfect for spring bathing time, with its soft sponge side accompanied by a gentle scrubbing material on the other side.

Carr & Day& Martin Dreamcoat for shedding available at FarmVet

Follow up your bath with a conditioning spray like the Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat to restore moisture and shine to the coat while repelling dirt and dust. Your horse can still look sleek and pretty amid their shed!

Helping the Process Along

If your horse is stubborn and doesn’t want to let go of their winter fluff, or you are just trying to get a head start on the shedding process, you can use lights as encouragement. Horses’ shedding process is actually controlled by light, specifically the length of days or the time under light. In the winter or early spring, add lights to their stall so they get about 16 hours a day under the “sun” to trick their circadian rhythm into shedding season.

Majesty's Omega Wafers for shedding available at FarmVet

Additionally, supplements can help. A lot of horses can benefit from a coat support supplement year-round, but especially if you’re trying to encourage a sleek, shiny, summer coat. Majesty’s Omega Wafers are a unique, no-mess, no-waste, supplement that will help your horse look and feel great. They contain ingredients to boost their immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote coat and hoof growth, packed into an easy-to-feed wafer.

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