With REBOUND Hoof Pack for horses, there is no need to wrap with a shod hoof. This cuts out significant time and cost.

Why hoof pack?

Hoof packing helps to draw pain, soreness, and inflammation out of your horse’s hoof. It can help control microbes and fungus, and stabilize moisture. Different hoof packing products contain different active ingredients to address various hoof health issues.

How do you hoof pack?

Typically hoof packing is a several step process to ensure proper administration and fit. It involves cleaning out the hoof and ensuring it is dry. Then the hoof is filled with chosen paste, and sheet cotton or a diaper is used to cover paste. Typically then the foot is wrapped with vet wrap to keep everything secure and then sealed with duct tape. 

See link below for quick hoof packing process with REBOUND.

REBOUND Hoof Packing






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Rebound Hoof Packing for Horses at FarmVet

Active Ingredients of REBOUND

REBOUND features many time-tested and homeopathic ingredients that bring relief to your horse’s sore feet.

1) Epsom Salts

Draws out heat & soreness from hoof structures

2) Iodine

For antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal purposes

3) Pine Tar

For moisture balance and to promote hoof growth

4) Arnica

Homeopathic anti-inflammatory


REBOUND is Show Safe – Tested by Olympic Medalists – Great for a Variety of Disciplines

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