The pharmacy at FarmVet is staffed with licensed pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians with over 80 combined years of experience. The marketplace has changed considerably throughout the years. One thing hasn’t is the need for compounds. The best way to define a compound and describe why a compound might be necessary is to provide an example.

One day I got a call from the vet who needed to treat a horse with Metformin. Metformin is only available in a human dosage form, which is a big white chalky tablet. Horses don’t really like taking tablets. After a conversation with the vet, we developed a solution that took the Metformin tablets, ground them up and added flavorings…flavorings that horses actually eat. From this, we came up with a powder that was easy for the owner to administer.

We at FarmVet take Quality Assurance very seriously. Through our quality assurance program, we regularly monitor and send our equipment out for testing. We also send the compounds that we make to an independent lab. Independent lab tests to make sure the product is what we say it is and that it is what we say it is at 30 days, at 60 days and so on. Because of this process, you know that when you buy our product and you put it on the shelf, it is going to remain stable. Every medication that leaves our pharmacy is triple checked by the pharmacy team. We are proud to offer our compounding services and are licensed in almost every state.

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