Whether it be the animals we serve or their human counterparts, FarmVet has always strived to improve our pharmaceutical practices when it comes to the scope of our prescription offerings and their environmental impact on the end user. In light of the latest Flunixin inhalation label warnings, we’ve decided to cease production of the compounded Flunixin Meglumine powder. Instead, we will offer a safer oral alternative in the form of a suspension.

Flunixin Meglumine, known commercially as Banamine®, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug available in a paste or injectable. Veterinarians often prescribe this medication for the relief of pain, inflammation, and fever. If your veterinarian determines your horse could benefit from compounded Flunixin, we can make a suspension to meet this need. Previous users of Flunixin powder may find our oral suspension easier to accurately measure and more cost-effective per dose.

Q&A with the Pharmacist-In-Charge

Pharmacist-In-Charge at FarmVet, Susan Morrison, has considered the most commonly asked questions in response to the discontinued Flunixin powder and its suspension compound alternative.

Q.1: What were some of the side-effects for those administering powder Flunixin?

Answer: It is never recommended to inhale powders intended for oral use. Inhaling Flunixin powder can be particularly irritating, and can cause immediate harm to both animals and humans.

Q.2: How will a suspension effectively ensure the protection of those administering Flunixin?

Answer: Flunixin meglumine is a fine powder which can then be trapped into a mixture of glycerin and water. This ensures that the end user will not be at risk for inhalation should there be wind or limited ventilation at the point of administration.

Q.3: How will a suspension formula change the efficacy of the dosage?

Answer: The efficacy of the dosage will remain the same, however, measuring the Flunixin suspension with an oral syringe is much more accurate than measuring Flunixin powder with a scoop. We provide an Adapt-a-cap oral syringe with every Flunixin suspension prescription to ensure child safety and no waste.

Q.4: Does a suspension formula pose any adverse reactions as compared to its other forms?

Answer: As with any NSAID regimen, long-term use may be harmful to the intestines or kidneys. The suspension formula poses no additional risks by comparison to other methods of delivery. It’s important to always consult a veterinarian before beginning a regimen of NSAIDs, including Flunixin, to discuss associated risks and potential adverse reactions.

Q.5: Is the Flunixin suspension palatable? Will FarmVet be offering different flavors?

Answer: The Flunixin suspension’s pH has been verified and tested to ensure that it’s non-irritating to the oral mucosa. It is currently available in an apple flavor. In the future, we will offer a gelatin-based, oat flavored treat form in a 500mg dosage, as well as capsules in 250mg and 500mg dosages.

Q.6: Will the Flunixin suspension be available in assorted mL volumes?

Answer: A 500mg/5mL suspension of Flunixin contains 96 doses of 500mg or 192 doses of 250mg per 480 mL bottle, and is readily available through FarmVet with a valid prescription from your veterinarian. We can also make smaller volumes of the Flunixin suspension available at the request of your veterinarian. Refrigeration of the Flunixin suspension is not necessary.

Q.7: What are the main differences between the Flunixin suspension formula vs. a paste form such as Banamine®?

Answer: While both formulations of Flunixin Meglumine are administered orally, the suspension is supplied with a 5mL syringe. This makes accidental overdose much less likely compared to a multi-dose oral paste such as Banamine®.

Our Commitment to Customers

In creating the new Flunixin Meglumine suspension available by prescription, FarmVet is, in essence, working to ensuring the safety of both human and horse against the risk of Flunixin inhalation. We will continue to serve our equine owners, trainers and riders with the most up to date available options and alternatives on the market for your veterinary prescription needs.

Prescription drugs are potentially and inherently dangerous if not used correctly. Always consult your licensed veterinarian prior to beginning any new regimen.

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