With winter (aka blanketing season) in full swing, many people start to worry about their horse developing uncomfortable blanket rubs. Luckily, EquiFit has introduced two innovative products to keep your horse comfortable and rub-free. Chafing along the withers and across the chest can leave painful and unsightly rubs on your horse’s skin. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as an ill-fitting blanket or if your horse has particularly sensitive skin. To combat this issue, EquiFit developed the BlanketBib and WitherShield. These products provide a soft barrier between the blanket and the delicate areas of your horse’s body.



Equifit Blanketbib for Horses

This blanket insert fits comfortably against the chest and neck of the horse’s blanket. It folds over the buckles to close any gap in the chest area and help prevent pinching and rubs. The BlanketBib is lined with soft, antimicrobial SheepsWool and features a core made of EquiFit’s classic T-Foam. T-Foam conforms to the horse when exposed to body heat, providing the perfect fit and helping to stabilize the blanket in place. Less slipping means less friction against the horse’s skin. This creates greater comfort for the horse and less chance of rubbing.

WitherShield from Equifit


This insert utilizes the same concept and materials as the BlanketBib to prevent rubbing on the withers and top of the neck. Blankets can rub across the mane and cause the hair to fall out. The WitherShield provides a barrier between the skin and the blanket to minimize friction and relieve pressure. Even better, both this product and the BlanketBib are machine washable, making it easy to keep them clean and fresh all winter long. Simply wash on the cold cycle and lay flat to dry.

Both of these products are now available at FarmVet! Shop these and other EquiFit products through our online store here.

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