It’s no secret that springtime brings out the best in your horse. Warmer temperatures mean greener grass, extra time in the pasture, and ideal riding weather. However, the spring also brings out less appealing things, like flies and allergies. Instead of over-spending on topical fly sprays and immune boosters, do more for your horse. HorseFirst’s supplement Garlic & More goes deeper than skin level to keep away flies and improve your horse’s health and coat.

The Visible Benefits of Feeding Garlic & More

HorseFirst’s product Garlic & More is a feed-through supplement packed with natural ingredients for visible improvement in your horse’s nutrition. Garlic & More contains salt, seaweed, herbs, garlic, and essential vitamins to aid the digestive system, immune system, and overall nutrient absorption. As the spring approaches, horses will often display signs of allergies, itchiness, or a general deterioration in coat condition. While these changes may seem dramatic, adding Garlic & More to your horse’s feed regimen can alleviate any major shifts in your horse’s health as the weather grows warmer.

Fly Prevention

The spring is the breeding season for animals and unfortunately, that includes the flies and other bugs, too. With fresh grass and sunshine, leaving your horse inside the barn is not an option! However, putting your horse outside will leave them victim to multitudes of breeding flies. Put your mind at ease and add Garlic & More to your horse’s feed. When a horse consumes garlic, their body odor changes through sweat and diverts the interest of flies and other bugs. Horses that consume garlic daily will attract fewer bugs, meaning you save money on fly spray, protect your horse’s coat, and give him some peace of mind.

Respiratory Improvement

In addition, garlic is also known for its immune boosting properties. During the spring months, mucus can build in your horse’s airways as a result of pollination. This buildup can make breathing difficult for your horse and even cause coughing. Adding garlic to feed can help reduce inflammation in the airways and allows mucus to pass more effectively. Regularly adding a garlic supplement to feed can prevent the buildup of mucus in your horse’s respiratory system.

Coat Condition

The seaweed, salt, and oils in Garlic & More cover the rest of your horse’s needs. These nutrients create a glossier coat, as well as strengthen hooves and improve overall vitality. Also, calcium found in seaweed provides other essential nutrients to nourish your horse’s coat and improve hoof durability. As a combination, the garlic, seaweed, herbs, and vitamins create a perfect post-winter supplement! With your horse on Garlic & More, his coat will be brighter and ready to withstand attacks from the flies.

Make sure you’re putting your horse first this spring: purchase Garlic & More Here!