Fall is fast approaching, and what better way to prepare for a new season than by prepping your backyard for those critters that live out in the cold! It doesn’t matter whether you have an apartment balcony or a suburban backyard. Any sliver of space can become a safe place for wildlife, pets, and people to coexist.

1. Provide Water

Whether it’s winter, summer or somewhere in between, wild animals need reliable sources of fresh water. Providing water to a wild animal can be as simple as setting up a birdbath, or leaving out a bowl of water. Just make sure to keep an eye out so the water doesn’t freeze over!

2. Offer Natural Food Sources

Native plants, bushes, and trees are usually the best foods you can give wildlife. You can also supplement your offerings with birdfeeders, especially in the winter! Check your local store for bags of mixed seed. This will keep the birds and squirrels happy and fed throughout colder months.

3. Build A Brush Pile

Turn leaves, tree limbs, and other yard debris into a simple brush pile to provide extra shelter for wild animals. Just like us, animals need cover and warmth during windy and snowy days. Also, building a pile for debris in your yard will help your outside space organized until spring!

4. Skip The Lawn Chemicals

Avoid using chemical-laden fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that can be harmful not only to wildlife but to pets and children, too! All in all, a chemical-free lawn is better for our environment and better for your loved ones.

5. Change With The Seasons

As summer comes to a close, make sure your backyard is prepared to survive the winter! Keep an eye on plants that could freeze during colder months. You can help these plants by covering them with old blankets and towels. Or, if the plant is small enough, bring it inside until the weather warms up!

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