Do you ever get the feeling like a product you’ve used FOREVER just isn’t working for your horse anymore? Maybe you have a new horse in the barn, but your tried and true care methods don’t seem to be making an impact on them. Testing a new product is a great way to spice up a stale routine! You never know what product might give you back that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling, AND help that problem child pony. That’s why we’re introducing you to Tenda, a line of safe and effective products that will make you fall in love with horse care all over again!

Tenda Holistic Hoof Oil

Holistic Hoof Oil from Tenda uses an all-natural blend of oils to create the ultimate formula for hoof strengthening. The combination of Lavender, Linseed, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, and Palmarosa keep the hoof soft while enhancing hoof growth. Holistic Hoof Oil can be used daily on all kinds of horses. 

TendaPod Horse & Pet Shampoo

Horse & Pet Shampoo Pods are scientifically developed to save water and save you time bathing your horse! Each pod has the ability to bathe up to 3 horses. Just throw it in a bucket, add water, and the pod will bubble up for bath time. These Pods are safe for use on horses and dogs. 

Tenda Heal Spray

Heal Spray features an antifungal, antimicrobial spray to help your animal’s natural healing process. This wound-treatment formula includes borate-based bioactive glass that creates a wound barrier while it stimulates healing. Safe for horses, dogs, and cats, Tenda Heal Spray is a no-brainer solution to use on your four-legged family.

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