Back in August, we began our Turnout4Charity blanket promotion to give back to equine charity organizations in need of winter blankets. When our customers purchase a discounted FarmVet blanket, we donate a blanket to a charity of our choosing. While most of our selected charities had Off The Track Thoroughbreds, we noticed that some of our charities had miniature horses, too!

As any standard-sized horse owner knows, keeping your horses comfortable during cold weather is a priority. This priority is no different for miniature horse owners. Just as temperatures began dropping, we discovered some mini-sized Horseware Ireland blankets in our backstock. With the generous consent of Horseware Ireland, we were given permission to embroider these miniature blankets with the FarmVet logo and gift them to charities (with minis) in need.

The Peeps Foundation

Having been a FarmVet Sponsored Rider since 2009, Alex Granato and his miniature horse rescue were at the top of our list. Josh Dolan and Alex Granato’s 50+ herd of miniature and dwarf minis is called The Peeps Foundation. This foundation prides itself on locating and retrieving at-risk minis and in many cases, the minis require even more care and attention than standard-sized horses. This can simply be because they are rescues in need of rehabilitation, but Josh says it’s also important to understand the differences in care for minis vs standard-sized horses. One hurdle for the rescue has always been finding the correct sized blankets for a miniature horse. Thankfully, we knew where to find some!

A Visit With The Minis

We took a special trip to Lexington, Kentucky, to deliver mini Horseware Ireland blankets to The Peeps Foundation and met with Josh and Alex to discuss the foundation’s mission, as well as future goals. While we didn’t meet Peeps herself (she was probably re-dyeing her pink tips), we did get to share our blankets with other key members of the herd! And they seemed pleased with their new winter attire.

Meeting the minis up-close and learning from Josh about the rehabilitation process makes it clear that this is truly a labor of love. From tending to their daily needs to getting medical attention for near-death minis, Josh and Alex are in it for the long haul. With their help, more than 50 minis have found a happily ever after in beautiful Lexington.

We aren’t sure if Alex and Josh are up for adopting people yet, but when they are we’d like to be first on the list!

If you’d like to learn more about The Peeps Foundation or get involved with their efforts you can contact them at

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A very special thanks to Horseware Ireland for donating the mini blankets. If you’re looking for a quality horse blanket you can depend on for years visit our website and shop all of the new innovative Horseware blankets and keep your horse warm this winter.