February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, which means it’s the perfect time to think about giving your pet the best possible care and Ramard can help. From health to safety, caring for your pet requires a lot of your time and attention. As pet owners know, the time and attention you give your pet is WELL worth it. In turn, your pet will be your loving companion for many years to come!

Ramard knows that your four-legged family deserves the best products to keep them happy and healthy throughout their life. That’s why their canine products are designed to pinpoint unique aspects of your pet’s health. Here are some of their Canine Products, along with our ideas on how to be a responsible pet owner!

New Experiences

If you’ve ever traveled with your pet or introduced them to a new situation, you might have noticed your pet get a little nervous. Just like humans, pets need a little extra reassurance when they experience different things! A great way to keep your pet feeling safe is by making them a safe space. Whether you’re traveling in the car or at home, make sure your pet has their favorite toy or blanket as a soft spot to cuddle into. This will help them feel at home, no matter what disruptions are occurring outside their safe space.

Total Calm & Focus Canine

Ramard Total Calm & Focus

Ramard’s Total Calm & Focus Canine helps eliminate your dog’s anxiety and stress without drowsiness. Their proprietary ingredient Ramisol lowers the dog’s natural cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which is increased by rigorous activity. Teamed with magnesium and a blend of B Vitamins, Total Calm & Focus Canine calms nervous, anxious dogs while promoting enhanced focus. Keeping Total Calm & Focus on hand in case of any stressful pet emergencies is a great way to be a responsible pet owner.

Uncomfortable Joints

Some dog breeds are prone to achy joints earlier in life, and typically all dog breeds will experience joint pain as they grow older. While joint discomfort is a simple fact of aging, it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog has to endure this discomfort. Maintaining light exercise will keep your dog in shape, without causing them to overexert themselves and experience joint fatigue. Not to mention, your dog will love spending time with you on your walk!

Total Joint Care

Ramard Total Joint Care

Ramard’s Total Joint Care uses a synergistic formula to address all aspects of your dog’s joint health. This supplement provides support for the entire joint, including soft tissue, in order to help your dogs feel their best. Hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM are all-powerful joint supplement ingredients on their own, but Ramard combines them for a more complete, well-balanced formula. Total Joint Care Canine contains no fillers or additives and comes in a convenient soft chew that dogs will love.

Full-Body Comfort

Knowing that your dog is getting full-body coverage when it comes to their health is difficult. You want to give them the best food and exercise, but your pet can’t tell you if they feel discomfort. Thankfully, Total Canine Relief covers all the bases for joint relief, body aches, and even inflammation. With this product, you can enjoy the time spent with your pet, rather than worrying about their health.

Total Canine Relief

Ramard Total Canine Relief

Total Canine Relief Soft Chews are an enjoyable way to provide your dog relief from joint stiffness, swelling, and general aches and pains. To top it off, Total Canine Relief is easy on your dog’s stomach and fast-acting!  Whether you have a senior dog or just an extremely active dog, Total Canine Relief is a great natural anti-inflammatory/pain reliever that keeps your dog comfortable and happy. 

Fresh & Clean

When you look good, you feel good! The same is true for your dog. Some breeds require going to the groomer monthly, but others can do with a simple bath at home. Whichever situation is best for your dog, Total Body Rinse provides a quick solution for any last-minute cleanups. Simply dilute one scoop of Total Body Rinse per gallon of water, and watch bathtime become easy and fun for your dog!

Total Body Rinse

Ramard Total Body Rinse

Total Body Rinse (previously Total Medicated Rinse) uses natural botanical extracts to alleviate your horse’s or dog’s skin irritations and repel insects. The non-toxic formula has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to help treat conditions such as scratches, rain rot, rashes, and tail itch, and can also be used to help treat minor wounds.

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