As horse owners, we strive to provide our horses with the best nutrition and support they need to be healthy and sound. For the past 30 years, Hygain has formulated supplements to help provide the key nutrients your horse needs to feel their best. Their scientifically proven supplements use the best ingredients with strict quality controls to provide your horse with the highest equine nutrition standards. This nationally recognized brand has helped support professional equine athletes such as racehorses, Olympic horses, and even hobby horses. Feeding your horses the best nutrition and supplements is made easy with these products. Let us introduce you to the 7 new Hygain products now available at FarmVet: 


Bonafide by Hygain at FarmVet

Bonafide is a water-soluble supplement that helps prevent and treat bone-related disorders. This patented supplement supports bone integrity through the addition of Quinaquanone┬«, a form of vitamin K1 and K2 Vitamin, into your horse’s diet. This supplement helps maintain a strong bone structure and can reduce the pain of shin soreness and shin splints. On top of that, it can assist in the incidence of OCD in young horses.


HoofGain by Hygain at FarmVet

Hoofgain is the ultimate hoof supplement with a blend of 7 key ingredients to protect your horses’ feet from soft soles in the winter to cracked walls in the summer. With Hoofgain your horse is covered with all the nutrients they need. The saying goes, no hoof, no horse. Protect your horse with this all-inclusive supplement. 


Regain by Hygain at FarmVet

Regain adds electrolytes, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium back into your horse’s body to help them recover from an intense workout. This supplement can help treat dehydration, hypochloraemia, and alkalosis. Add this to your horse’s daily feed to ensure no matter the situation, your horse is ready for their workout. 

Super Anti-Ox:

Super Anti-Ox by Hygain at FarmVet

Super Anti-OX is an easy-to-feed supplement to help support your horse’s muscles, tendons, and joint health after exercise or competition. Performance horses’ bodies are always in a state of wear and repair due to their physically demanding lives. This supplement packs antioxidants such as Vitamin E, A, copper, and zinc to fight natural inflammation and soft tissue damage to help your horse’s body thrive in a working environment.


Recuperate by Hygain at FarmVet

Recuperate is a dense nutritional paste created to help your horse quickly recover from intense exercise or stress. After intense workouts or stress, 30ml of Recuperate helps your horse recover promptly by encouraging increased muscle metabolism, energy production, thirst, and appetite through the use of B-group Vitamins, Vitamin E, and electrolytes. 


Storm by Hygain at FarmVet

Storm is the perfect addition to a serious athlete’s feed. This supplement helps keep your horse performing at peak speeds for longer. It is scientifically proven to reduce the effects caused by increased lactic acid by boosting carnosine levels in the muscles. Storm has been used with racehorses, barrel racers, eventers, dressage horses, and show jumpers with great success. 


Smoochies by Hygain at FarmVet

Hygain didn’t forget about treating your horse on an emotional level! Smoochies are the perfect delicious healthy snack to add to your grooming tote. Next to your Tiger Tongue, a bag of resealable heart-shaped cookies is loved by even the pickiest eaters. These cookies are made of Aussie Denugreen grass to be a delicious snack without the added sugar. 

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