Imagine it’s your typical morning; you’ve fed the horses, the ponies, and the dogs. You’re just returning to the horses’ stalls to check that they ate their breakfast before turning them out. You walk up to your precious horse, and you find that they decided to eat everything except the expensive supplements you have graciously purchased to keep them healthy. This situation is annoying but familiar for us horse owners. Majesty’s has created six new supplement wafers that your horse will definitely not leave in the bowl. Majesty’s supplement wafers are unique, no-waste, easy-to-feed supplement wafers. They are also made in the USA with delicious molasses, oats, and apple sauce.

Calming Wafers

Majesty's Kalm+ Wafers at FarmVet

Kalm+ Wafers Calming Supplement is made with a blend of Tryptophan, Vitamin B1, Winter Cherry, and Inositol. This helps give your horse quick comfort from anxiety caused by stressful situations like competition, travel, or environmental changes. No need to fight your horse to eat a calming paste, this wafer is an easy way to help reduce stress quickly and effectively.

Skin, Coat, Immune System, and Hoof Support

The Majesty’s Bio+ and Omega Wafers are great for dull or shedding coats, cracked weak hooves, and older horses who need immune support. Both wafers provide the necessary nutrition for hoof, coat, and immune support with different essential nutrients.

Majesty's Bio+ Wafers at FarmVet

Bio+ Wafers Hoof & Coat Supplement uses 99% Pure Biotin with Methionine, Lysine, Zinc, and Copper to support healthy hoof and coat growth. This combination also increases horse’s metabolism, central nervous system function, and produces collagen and elastins.

Majesty's Omega Wafers at FarmVet

Omega Wafers Skin, Coat & Immune Supplement contains Biotin, Omega 3, 6, and 9 to have an additional immune boost. Omega 3, 6, and 9 reduce inflammation, bolster the immune system, and reduces skin allergies. This is great for horses who could use overall support for their everyday lives.

Joint Care

As your horse continues to age and work hard, you may notice inflammation, discomfort, and stiffness. It is important to provide your horse with the best support to ensure you’re helping lengthen their comfortability. All three of Majesty’s Flex Wafers support joint health and each option builds on the previous to easily change the support you provide as their needs change.

Majesty's Flex Wafers at FarmVet

Flex Wafers Joint Supplement is the most basic option for joint support. It has a combination of Glucosamine (2500mg), MSM (2500mg), Yucca Extract (1250mg),  Ascorbic Acid (500mg), and Chondroitin Sulfate (600mg) to ease tension and pain.

Majesty's FlexXT Wafers at FarmVet

Flex XT Wafers Increased Joint Supplement has the same five active ingredients as Flex Wafers but at higher doses. The active ingredients include Glucosamine (7500mg), MSM (3000mg), Yucca Extract (1750mg), Ascorbic Acid (750mg), and Chondroitin Sulfate (600mg). The Flex XT wafer is great for older horses or those who need extra support.

Majesty's FlexHA Wafers at FarmVet

Flex HA Wafers Joint Supplement has the same active ingredients as the original Flex Wafers but also 150mg of HA. HA is unique because it contributes to normal joint function, cartilage health, and the health of connective tissue. It also aids in the lubrication of the entire joint mechanism and joint fluid viscoelasticity.

Buddy Bits for Your Dog

Don’t worry about pill pockets or uneaten supplements in your dog’s breakfast. Majesty’s has supplements for coat health and joint health. These easy to feed grain-free wafers are delicious and fresh to ensure that your dog gets all the support they need at a more affordable price point.

Majesty's Buddy Bites Skin + Coat Wafers at FarmVet

Buddy Bites Skin + Coat Grain-Free Waferes Supplement is a delicious natural wafer made with nutrients such as Biotin, Omega 3, 5, and 9. This wafer is great for dogs who have spring allergies or dry itchy skin. The blend of Omega 3, 6, and 9 reduce inflammation, bolster the immune system, and reduces skin allergies while supporting gastrointestinal function.

Majesty's Buddy Bites Hip + Joint Wafers at FarmVet

Buddy Bites Hip + Joint Grain Free Wafers Supplement has Glucosamine KCL, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, and HA to help your dogs feel more comfortable. This wafer is great for dogs that are aging or struggle with stiffness in their joints and hips.

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