The countdown to midnight might have passed, but the season of reminiscing is still in full effect. Reflecting on our year, our favorite memories, and holding onto the things we’re bringing with us into the new year are all a part of ringing in 2024. As a part of our reflections, we asked our customers what some of their favorite products were from the last year so that we can be sure to keep them on hand for you in 2024! Here’s what they had to say.

For Your Horse

Ice Boots

EquiFit IceAir Cold Therapy Boots for a Favorite Ice Boot available at FarmVet

When we asked about a favorite for ice boots, Equifit IceAir Cold Therapy Boots quickly climbed the rankings. And we can see why! These ice boots offer unique user-friendly benefits. Because you can fill the inner pockets with crushed ice, you don’t need to always keep ice packs in the freezer. Just grab a bag of ice at the gas station when you need it. This makes these boots a great option while you’re on the road. Additionally, the adjustable air compression has won the hearts of many, utilizing a hand pump so you can get customized compression with every icing session.

Boredom Busters

Burlingham Sports Hay Ball Feeder for a Favorite Stall Toy available at FarmVet

When it came to stall toys, this Hay Ball Feeder from Burlingham Sports took the win. This slow-feeding toy is loved by horses and their owners alike as it provides hours of tasty entertainment. Fill it with your horse’s hay and even mix in some carrots or apples for a healthy treat. As your horse eats, the ball will roll around, providing a challenge as well as mimicking a normal grazing position.

Horse Show Essentials

Ace Equestrian Pro4mance # I.D. Show Numbers for a Favorite Show Essential available at FarmVet

In the world of horse showing, Pro4mance # I.D. Show Numbers from Ace Equestrian have become an essential and a favorite. With competition numbers now required to be on display at all times on the show grounds, this reusable option offers you a solution for keeping your number ready for the show arena. The numbers can be changed to match any competition number and easily attach to halters, bridles, martingales, saddle pads, blankets, or even to your belt loop or backpack.

Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets for Favorite Horse Show Product available at FarmVet

Another horse show favorite from 2023 is the Ellsworth Ponytail Hairnets. This simple solution helps you keep your hair tidy during your ride. The Ponytail Hairnets have a hole in the back with a securing built-in elastic so that you can leave your hair out of your helmet in a ponytail without extra hairnet fabric. Of course, if you prefer to ride with your hair up, they work for that, too!

For Your Pet

We know how much your pets love our treats and toys, but for owners, the 2023 favorites came down to a few travel and weather protection essentials.

Dog Blankets

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Premier Free Parka Deluxe Dog Coat available at FarmVet

The WeatherBeeta Comfitec Parkas took the prize for their favorite dog coat. This 220g fill waterproof coat is just what you need to keep your dog warm and dry all winter long. The Comfitec Premier Free Parka Deluxe (pictured above) offers maximum freedom of movement, while the Comfitec Parka Deluxe provides maximum coverage along with reflective strips, perfect for long winter walks or rides.

Travel Necessities

Kurgo Loft Hammock Favorite for Dog Travel available at FarmVet

A fan favorite for traveling with pets, the Kurgo Loft hammock won the ratings again this year. This water-resistant, reversible seat cover not only protects your car but also keeps your dog in place in the back seat. No more trying to jump on your lap, and no more dirtying up the back seat with dirt and mud after a day at the barn or wherever your adventures with your pet take you!

Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag favorite for Dog Travel available at FarmVet

Another essential for adventurous dogs (or should we say owners) is the Kong 5-Piece Travel Bag. We’ve coined this bag “the product you didn’t know you needed until you got it”. It is that helpful when packing for a horse show or trip with your pet! Store their food, treats, toys, and grooming products in one place, and it comes with foldable travel bowls as well. It is a must-have for pet owners that are on the go.

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