Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year; costumes, fall festivals and, of course, CANDY. But for your pet, Halloween can be an overwhelming and even a dangerous holiday if you don’t know all the proper precautions to take before the trick-or-treaters come knocking. Don’t worry! We have you covered so that you and your pets can have a fun-filled Halloween.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Halloween Trick-or-Treating

1. Keep Halloween Decorations Out of Reach

Yes, We know decorating your porch and yard are a highlight to celebrating Halloween. It’s a sign to Trick-or-Treaters that you’ve got the holiday spirit and the candy. But did you know pumpkins, corn, and even some Fall plants can be a nightmare for your pet’s GI System? Corn and Pumpkin can be OK for dogs in small amounts, but when they are uncooked, moldy, or ingested in large amounts, problems can occur.

Protecting your pets from these threats is super simple. Here are some steps:

  • Put pumpkins, corn and Fall plants in a place that is out-of-reach for your pet.
  • Spray the outside of corn and pumpkins with No Biting Dog Spray.
  • Put plants on hangers to keep them off the ground.

2. Leave Pets Inside and Contained for Everyone’s Safety

Even the most friendly and agreeable pets can become uneasy by costumed strangers approaching their home. For outside pets, this can be even more alarming because of their natural instinct to protect the yard. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to keep your pet inside and in a contained environment where they can feel safe. Pets can become spooked and even try to escape in a panic. This would really ruin your holiday fun, and potentially put your pet’s life in danger. Dogs can sometimes become aggressive unexpectedly when their environment changes, so keeping them back away from the door also ensures your guests are safe.

Another hard truth to acknowledge is the existence of pranksters who could take this spooky holiday to tease, taunt, injure or steal your pet. While not the most common occurrence, it’s still important that you as a Fur Parent take all the proper precautions to ensure your baby’s safety.

Protecting your pet from outside stressors with these tips:

  • Let your dog take it easy in your room with a fun Halloween movie and treats of their own.
  • Leave the candy bowl outside and spend the night cuddled up with your pooch!
  • Make sure to have a collar and ID tags on your pets just in case.

3. Costumes Aren’t Always a Hit with Cats and Canines

For many people, dressing up for Halloween is the true highlight of their year. However, this might not be the case for your fur friends. Especially for pets who are not used to wearing sweaters or outfits, surprising them with a complicated Halloween git-up can be stressful. Even dogs who are used to wearing some of these garments may still be uncomfortable with costume styles that are unfamiliar. The fewer bells & whistles the better in our opinion, but the most important thing is sizing. If you’re ordering a costume online, make sure you check their size chart thoroughly.

Most people probably already know their pooch, but for those of you with puppies or new fur family members, we always suggest giving the costume a trial run before the big day. If your pet enjoys the festivity, just remember to always leave their collar and ID tags with their Halloween Costume.

Tips for costuming your pet and makes sure they are happy:

  • Try costumes on your pet a few days before Halloween to gauge their response.
  • Add a fun pumpkin decoration to their collar if they aren’t thrilled with wearing a costume.
  • Make sure you choose the correct size costume for your dog to keep from rubbing or irritation.
  • Dress up as a couple with your dog where they already fit the description of their character. (Example: Dorothy & Toto)

4. Glow Sticks and Candles Can Be a Hazard Waiting to Happen

It probably goes without saying that you don’t want your dog or cat next to an open flame. But the candle inside your perfectly carved pumpkin can give off a sweet smelling pumpkin aroma that might just entice your furry friend. Electric tea lights are a great option to keep your pet safe while keeping your spooky pumpkin lit up for all your costumed visitors.

Glow sticks have become increasingly popular as a safety tool among trick-or-treaters to help keep them visible while walking through neighborhoods and on roadways. While the liquid inside glow sticks has been manufactured now with non-toxic ingredients, that doesn’t mean your pet won’t be alarmed at the awful taste. This could cause your pet to become agitated and panic. Drooling, pawing aggressively at their mouth, and even vomiting have been reported.

Keeping glow sticks and candles away from pets is easy with these tips:

  • Use electric tea lights in your pumpkins and other decorations.
  • Post a friendly sign letting people know you have a pet, and to please make sure they don’t leave glow sticks behind.
  • Patrol your yard the day after Halloween to ensure no glow sticks were left behind.

5: Candy Is for Kids (and Parents)

Just because you can eat it, doesn’t mean your pet can. This is especially true with it comes to candy. Chocolate is especially dangerous for dogs and cats, and, in large amounts, can be lethal. Consuming chocolate can cause vomiting, increased heart rate, diarrhea, rapid breathing, and seizures. Chocolate is one of the most commonly discussed “no no’s” for your pet, but did you know Halloween candy that contains artificial sweetener (xylitol) can be just as dangerous? Xylitol, even in very small amounts, can cause drops in your pet’s blood sugar that could result in seizures. You may think your buddy wants in on the candy action, but just remember even small amounts can be dangerous. Your best bet is to just give them treats of their own.

Not succumbing to the puppy-dog eyes can be easy with these tips:

  • Cut up apples and carrots to let your pet feel included in the fun.
  • Only allow your children to eat their Halloween treats in designated areas away from your pet.
  • Teach your kids the dangers of giving your family pet candy.
  • Buy your pet a fun new toy to distract them while the candy-a-thon is going down.

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