With winter approaching, it’s time to rethink your horse’s wardrobe.

When it comes to keeping your horse warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, Horseware Ireland’s innovative technology sets it apart as an industry leader. One such feature that has changed the game for turnout blankets is the unique Blanket Liner System. Compatible with several blanket styles, this liner system allows you to create a customized blanket with the exact amount of fill your horse needs.

What Are Horseware Ireland Blanket Liners?

These blanket liners are lightweight, non-bulky additions to your existing Horseware Ireland blankets. Made from soft polyester and containing varying amounts of fiberfill, these liners provide comfort and warmth. Attaching the liners changes the overall weight of your horse’s blanket without tons of extra straps or bulk. Designed for easy removal, these liners allow your blankets to adapt to the weather, and provide the perfect weight for your horse every time. Horseware Ireland’s liners come in 100 gram, 200 gram, 300 gram, and 400 gram weights for endless blanket combinations.

How do Horseware Ireland Blanket Liners work?

Blanket Liner System

Velcro hook-and-loop closures at the neck hold the two layers together.

Horseware Ireland Liners attach easily to your favorite blanket. The first step in using this liner system is matching your liner and outer blanket based on what weight blanket your horse needs for the weather. As an example, say you have a medium-weight Rambo Supreme Turnout Blanket, which has 200 grams of fiberfill. Where you live, it rarely gets cold enough to need anything heavier than a medium. However, the occasional cold front necessitates a heavyweight blanket instead. You don’t want to buy a separate blanket that you won’t use very often, and you also don’t want to double up on blankets, making your horse uncomfortable with all the bulk and straps. With the Horseware Ireland Blanket Liner System, you can add the Horseware Liner with 200 grams of fill to your blanket to create a heavyweight blanket with 400 grams of fill.

Blanket Liner System

Straps at the back of the liner clip to the outer blanket to prevent slipping

After picking the amount of fill your horse needs for the weather, place the liner on your horse’s back like you would any other blanket, with double front closures to keep it in place. Next, place the desired outer blanket on top of the liner. Velcro hook-and-loop closures around the neck of the outer blanket and liner anchor the combination in place, while straps at the back of the liner clip onto rings on the outer blanket. This prevents the two layers from separating or slipping. Once the blanket and liner are attached, they act as a unit and can be removed or put back on at the same time.

Is my blanket compatible with the Horseware Ireland Blanket Liner System?

Not every Horseware Ireland blanket is compatible with this system. However, a selection of their best-selling products from the Amigo, Rambo, and Rhino lines are! Check to see if your blanket could benefit from a Horseware Liner below:

Blanket Liner System

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