The Deluxe Equine Slipper is a must-have accessory for colder weather. Many horse owners make the decision to pull their horse’s shoes when the temperatures begin to drop. Traditionally, removing shoes for the colder months gives your horse’s hooves an opportunity to regrow without the constraint of a horseshoe. A shoeless winter can improve traction in icy weather and help strengthen the hoof for when warmer temperatures return. For equestrians that are hesitant to let their horses go barefoot, the Deluxe Equine Slipper by Bluegrass Equine Products provides an affordable solution.

Just as the name suggests, this slipper easily slides over the hoof and replaces the need for a horseshoe. The blue cordura material allows the outside of the hoof to breathe, while the durable leather sole protects from potential injury. Simply pull the slipper on over the hoof and velcro the tabs down to lock the slipper in place.

Why We Love It

The Deluxe Equine Slipper removes the need for annoying duct tape and wrapping materials when your horse inevitably gets a hoof injury. Instead of constantly re-purchasing Vetrap and Duct Tape, just purchase this eco-friendly slipper once and get extended use for months.

Sensitive Feet

Even if your horse has sensitive feet, this slipper provides sole protection for sore hooves without chafing around the pastern. This diverse product not only replaces the need for wraps and horseshoes but also aids hoof growth and circulation due to the material’s breathability. In addition, your horse can safely wear this slipper in the stall without the concern of tearing its hoof wraps.

Lightweight and Durable

The slipper is lightweight and durable, making it easy to pack and bring out in the sudden instance of a thrown shoe. It also comes in four different sizes, guaranteeing the perfect fit from pony to draft horse. Each slipper is sold separately and can be used interchangeably on the front or hind hooves.

Whether or not your horse goes barefoot throughout the year or just when they lose a shoe, the Deluxe Equine Slipper is a must-have hoof care solution. The unpredictability of thrown shoes and sore soles can be a problem of the past with this innovative option for hoof protection!

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