There are many reasons why your horse might need to wear leg wraps. Whether it’s to keep a wound clean, to keep swelling down during long periods of stall rest, or to support the legs after a hard workout, having a couple sets in the barn is a necessity.

Most leg wraps are made with soft quilted cotton or fleece. However, Back on Track uses their revolutionary technology to create unique no-bow leg wraps that provide additional therapeutic benefits during use.

Why We Love It

Back on Track’s No Bow Leg Wraps incorporate their proprietary Welltex technology to provide structure, support, and ceramic therapy for your horse’s legs. Welltex contains ceramic nano-particles to reflect your horse’s natural body heat and create a soothing thermal effect. Using these bandages can help reduce swelling and keep your horse’s legs tight, making them perfect for horses who tend to get stocked up in a stall.

You can use these wraps as traditional standing wraps for use in the stall or while shipping. The classic no-bow design helps reduce the risk of applying uneven pressure and causing bandage bows when applied properly. And, best of all, the Welltex technology is infused into the fabric of the wraps, so they are safe to wash without diminishing the therapeutic effects. Simply wash with warm water and mild detergent and lay flat to dry!

As with all Back on Track products, you should introduce this product slowly. Allow your horse to get accustomed to the thermal effects for a few hours at a time at first. Once they are used to the feeling, you may leave the wraps on for extended periods of time.

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