In today’s equine product market, many supplements exist to help your horse in its daily life. Types of equine supplements range from hooves and joints to allergies and general demeanor. While there are tons of supplements to choose from, only FullBucket’s products give the chance to help other equines in the process. For each FullBucket supplement purchased, the company gives a free FullBucket supplement to working equids in rural areas.

One Small Company & One Big Goal

Although every horse has specific needs, many equestrians would agree that the basis of a horse’s health relies on its gastrointestinal system, or G.I. tract. The G.I. tract of a horse works to absorb the nutrients consumed by the horse into their bloodstream. When an imbalance in the G.I. tract occurs, the change in nutrients can be catastrophic to the horse’s welfare. Veterinarians Keith Latson and Rob Franklin took note of this nutrient imbalance and saw a gap in the market for a G.I. product. Consequently, both Dr. Latson and Dr. Franklin designed a range of veterinary grade probiotic supplements, and FullBucket was born.

For most small companies, their story ends after the product is created. However, this dynamic veterinary duo took a different path. In 2011, while at the Equitarian Initiative mission in Central America, Dr. Latson and Dr. Franklin decided to grow their company while giving back to a community in need. Throughout the rural regions of Mexico and Guatemala, horses, donkeys, and mules provide companionship, transportation, and an income for their owners. Their animal’s health and survival are crucial in their ability to provide labor. Sadly, these animals are often malnourished and cared for improperly. As literal beasts of burden, the animals often carry loads in excess of their own body weight. This overburdening can cause sores, parasites, and nutritional insufficiency. Ultimately, Dr. Latson and Dr. Franklin knew that the opportunity to provide supplemental support for these equids through FullBucket was only the beginning of their journey.

FullBucket Care + Care Giving Program

For each FullBucket supplement bought in the United States, one supplement will be given to a rural equid’s owner for free. This is the mission of FullBucket, as well as the mission that Keith Latson and Rob Franklin chose over turning a profit.

The Care + Care Giving Program moves beyond providing nutrition to these horses and donkeys. Keith, Rob, and their partner Robert Hendrickson ensure that FullBucket supplements and probiotics are delivered to each household. Additionally, this helps the vets learn more about the areas nutritional needs and educate each equid’s owner. The owners receive information about the foods necessary to sustain and extend the life of their animal. In turn, the process creates a better economic situation for the family and a better life for their equid.


The FullBucket team is paving the way for better lives for these animals. The working partnerships created by this team to achieve their goals also include:

  • The Donkey Sanctuary (U.K.)
  • World Horse Welfare
  • The Human Society Veterinary Medical Association
  • AMMVEE Foundation

FullBucket has also teamed up with the Equitarian Initiative, a group of vets who study the welfare and healthcare of working equids. They distribute nutritional supplements, provide vet care, and education for the locals of these economically challenged regions.

Products for the Performance Horse

FullBucket’s Care + Care giving program ensures that equids in rural Central America have access to probiotics and nutrition. The aid efforts for this program are supported by the success of products that were created for the performance horses in the United States. Consequently, FullBucket’s product offerings are also beneficial to the hind-gut and stomach, making them essential to medical care post-surgery. In addition, probiotics are also highly recommended to use when treating a horse with antibiotics. The benefits of FullBucket’s range of probiotics include:

  • Reduction of G.I. discomfort
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved GI tract
  • Less stress in the GI tract

Get Involved

To date, FullBucket has given over 30,000 doses of probiotics to the equines of rural Central America. Their vets, volunteers, and partners have provided helpful information to the owners of horses, donkeys and mules to improve their lives. Now it’s your turn! Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • Support companies like FullBucket by purchasing their products for your own horse
  • Consult with your local animal shelters and consider donating FullBucket probiotics for equines in need
  • Contact FullBucket directly here

How do you want to get involved with FullBucket? Let us know in the comments!

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