If you’re feeling the winter blues and your riding routine seems stale, it’s time to pamper your pony and yourself with a new regimen! Whether you’re tired of cold hands while riding or your horse is becoming restless in his stall, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Trying out a different grooming tool or adding a fun distraction to your horse’s stall could bring some sunshine to both you and your equine’s winter routine.

1. Groom For Fun

When it’s too cold to ride, but you’re experiencing major horse-owner guilt, get HandsOn with your horse!

HandsOn Gloves for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

HandsOn Gloves allow you to be more active in your grooming routine. These grooming gloves will keep your hands warm as you show your horse’s winter coat some love. You can also use these gloves in tandem with waterless shampoo sprays!

E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

E3’s Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo adds great shine and scent to the coat, no matter how thick the hair. Also, Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover easily penetrates winter coats and lifts grime while cleaning the dirty spot. Neither of these waterless shampoo sprays requires water, so your horse can stay warm and dry while you give him attention!

2. Test Out Indoor Activities

Just like humans, horses become bored from staying inside during the cold weather. Spice up your horse’s time in the stall, so he doesn’t get barn sour! Toys like the Jolly Ball and Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball provide an entertaining distraction to keep your horse’s mind fresh.

Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball offers flavors in apple, carrot, molasses, peppermint, and sugar-free for the picky eaters! Even with limited space in the stall, playing with toys invites your horse to move around rather than standing still all day. You can also include a Himalayan Salt Lick to give your horse an oral activity while adding essential minerals to his winter diet!

3. Stock Your Stall Supplies

Cold weather and keeping your horse inside for longer periods can cause loss of weight and diminished health. Horses need fresh water and plentiful forage throughout the day to stay in riding shape.

Bucket Heater for Winter available at FarmVet

Using a bucket heater saves you time from dealing with a frozen hose or waiting for cold water to heat up. By making warm water readily available to your horse throughout the day, he can stay healthy and hydrated!

Nibblenet Nibble Go Round for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

Similarly, a slow-feed hay net is a perfect way to offer forage to your horse without providing an unhealthy amount of hay. The NIBBLENET Nibble Go Round utilizes smaller net holes and can hold 8-10 pounds of hay, meaning your horse can consume the recommended amount of forage at a safe pace throughout the day!

4. Stay Warm

Make sure you and your horse have dressed accordingly when it’s time to brave the weather outside the stall!

The Baker Plaid Scarf offers the perfect accessory to match with your horse this holiday season. With a 100% double cotton weave in classic Baker plaid, this scarf belongs in every equestrian’s winter wardrobe. Sized at 7 inches wide by 6ft long and machine washable, the Baker Plaid Scarf will be your go-to winter accessory for years to come.

Horseware Ireland Amigo Stable Sheet for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

For keeping your horse toasty in the winter, Horseware Ireland offers several heavy-blanketing options. On your days in the saddle, the Amigo Stable Sheet is the ideal weight to keep your horse’s muscles warm before and after you ride. The lightweight and breathable sheet will keep your horse dry and warm with its soft and durable material.

WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Detach-a-Neck for Winter Activities with Your Horse Available at FarmVet

For frigid days, the WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Detach-a-Neck is certain to keep your pony cozy while you keep plastic out of landfills. This turnout blanket keeps 340 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or oceans while keeping your horse snug and stylish. The Green-Tech Heavy includes a removable hood to keep your horse’s neck warm too!

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