As winter drags on, the constant cold weather can prevent us from full-body bathing and giving our horse’s coat the attention it needs. Much like human skin, horses coats become dry in the winter and need extra nourishment from shampoo and conditioner. Many equestrians are wary of wetting the horse’s body completely, but still desire the healthy shine of a freshly shampooed coat. Check out our tips and tools to achieve a full-body clean for your horse – even in the winter. 

For The All-Over Clean and Shine

E3 created Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo to keep your horse’s coat shiny and moisturized— without any water! This E3 product nourishes the hair by removing any built-up dirt, and the infusion of Argan Oil leaves it glossy and clean. Just cover the coat with the Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo, brush in the direction of the hairs, then run a soft cloth over it to achieve the extra shine. For horses with extra tangles in their mane and tails, simply spray the Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo into the hair and comb out!

For The Green Machine

We all know a horse that loves to come in from the field covered with grass stains. Instead of wasting time with hosing and scrubbing, Cowboy Magic’s product Green Spot Remover lifts the stain for you! Green Spot Remover does not need any water: simply spray the formula onto the stain, wait a few minutes, and brush away! The shea butter ingredient will leave the coat underneath softer and brighter than ever. This formula works aggressively against all tough stains, from manure to sweat.

For The Bright Whites

Perfect for any colored horse, Lucky Braids Whitener and Dry Wash is another waterless product that brightens all colors it encounters. Spray onto the spot that needs cleaning, then wipe off for a just-shampooed shine. This product is ideal for white spots, socks, and facial markings that frequently encounter ringside mud and dirt. The Lucky Braids Whitener / Dry Wash works perfectly to give your horse that least minute clean before entering the show ring.

For The Mud-Lover

Extra rain and snow in the winter season often bring extra temptation for dirt-loving horses to get down in the sludge and roll. However, the Carr & Day & Martin Stain Master Spray removes the frustration of deep cleaning a dirty horse before you ride. This waterless product does more than a brush by penetrating the grime under the hairs and leaving a freshly shined coat. Just dampen the stain, let the formula sit, then brush away the lifted dirt! Stain Master Spray works magic on all coat colors, especially light-colored horses.

Don’t let the fear of winter washing keep your horse from looking and feeling his best. With such a variety of amazing waterless shampoo solutions, we are confident there is a perfect product for you and your horse! As always, we recommend safe shampooing by keeping the spray away from your horse’s eyes, ears, nose, and other sensitive areas.

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