Winter, the enemy of equestrians and their horses! With shorter days and colder temperatures, some of our horses are spending more time in their stalls. But, too much stall time can be hard on horses, so we’ve rounded up a few ways to help beat those stall boredom blues and provide enrichment for horses during their downtime.

Enrichment Treats

Likit Holder for Stall Boredom Buster Products at FarmVet

One of the best ways to spark up your horse’s stall life is with some treats. The Likit Holder is a fun but tasty toy that provides entertainment for your horse. Simply hang it in your horse’s stall and watch as they have hours of fun as they lick and munch away. It is available in various delicious Likit Refill flavors such as Apple, Carrot, Mint, and Molasses, so you can find a flavor that even the pickiest horses will love.

Himalayan Salt Lick with Rope for Stall Boredom available at FarmVet

If you’re looking for a healthier stall treat for your horse, the Himalayan Salt Lick with Rope is the way to go. It contains iron, magnesium, and potassium to provide your horse with essential vitamins and minerals. The rope attachment makes it easy to hang in the stall and even allows the block to spin for an added challenge for your horse. The pure Himalayan salt is dense to resist breakage from biting, providing hours of enrichment and fun.

Stall Toys

Likit Boredom Buster for Stall Boredom Products at available at FarmVet

If your horse needs more of a challenge than just treats, consider adding some toys to the stall. The Likit Boredom Buster is guaranteed to provide many hours of mental stimulation. It is one of the most challenging toys we offer and is for smart and canny horses no doubt. As your horse licks the toy it spins, adding a challenge and a bit of a puzzle component to get to the rewarding treat. Hang it in the middle of the stall for the highest level of difficulty to provide long periods of rewarding fun. 

Likit Snak-a-Ball for Stall Boredom Products available at FarmVet

If you’re trying to increase your horse’s activity, or they tend to get stiff while standing in their stall, the Snak-a-Ball is perfect. This toy encourages horses to reach forwards and down, stretching their muscles from poll to tail. It mirrors grazing behavior, which is additionally beneficial for their digestion. 


Jolly Ball for Stall Boredom Products available at FarmVet

The rubber Jolly Ball from Horsemen’s Pride is another fun toy horses love to play with in their stalIs. This sturdy ball will allow long periods of playing time without being destroyed too quickly. It doesn’t need air to inflate, so it is more resistant to punctures or bites. You can leave it on the ground or hang it up, whichever your horse finds more fun!

Slow Feeder

Sometimes all horses need for extra entertainment in their stall is their food. Slowing their eating to help meals last longer not only reduces boredom but also can improve digestion and reduce the risk of ulcers. Horses are grazing animals, and their bodies are designed to be constantly digesting food. But for the “easy-keepers”, keeping food in front of them at all times can cause other issues such as unnecessary weight gain. The solution? Their usual meals, but with a feeder designed to slow their eating to mimic a grazing lifestyle.


NibbleNet for Stall Boredom Products available at FarmVet

Hay nets are one of the most common “slow-feeder” solutions. Rather than offering a pile of hay, the small holes only allow for smaller mouthfuls to be taken, such as when grazing naturally. The NibbleNet from Thin Air Canvas is a FarmVet favorite. This hay net is made from durable material to resist tears, punctures, UV rays, rain, and cold weather. It fits roughly three flakes of hay for hours of eating instead of minutes.

Hay Ball Feeder for Stall Boredom Products available at FarmVet

If you’re looking for a little combo of fun with slow eating, the Hay Ball Feeder from Burlingham Sports is perfect. This ball can hold about two flakes of hay and rolls around as your horse grabs for mouthfuls through the openings. The Hay Ball is a great interactive feeding option to ensure your horse eats slowly while still having an interactive break from stall boredom.

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