Horses are hardwired to be alert and on the lookout for predators. This natural instinct can sometimes make them a bit nervous. If a horse is nervous and constantly on edge, it can lead to further problems such as poor performance, difficulty concentrating, and bad behavior. If your horse is behaving this way, you’re not alone. Many owners struggle with how to calm their anxious equines.

Anxiety in horses can be caused by many different things. If you think yours may be anxious, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian. They can help you identify the cause of the anxiety and recommend the best course of treatment. There are, however, a few things you can do to help ease their anxiety. Some methods are more effective than others, and some may work better than others.

Here are six ways to calm a nervous horse:

1. Use a Horse Calmer

Firstly, a great option is to look into using a horse calming supplement to help your horse relax. Some popular ingredients to look for are magnesium which helps reduce anxiety, tryptophan which can reduce stress, and valerian which also helps to reduce anxiety.

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This is where horse calmers like RelaxMe are very successful. Based on Magnesium and group B vitamins, they give the horse time to breathe and realize the trauma is not as threatening, enabling them to cope well in what may be stressful situations such as competition, training, or change in environment.

2. Feed Your Horse Smaller Meals More Often

Another tip is to feed them smaller meals, more often throughout the day. Horses are grazing animals – their digestive systems have evolved around grazing on forage and receiving a frequent flow of small amounts of food. When horses have gaps in their forage supply, this can increase stress levels and anxiety. That’s why feeding them smaller meals more often throughout the day can help to settle their stomach and reduce anxiety.

3. Give Your Horse A Massage

A relaxing massage is a lot of help too. Rub their neck, back, and hindquarters to soothe them and relieve any tension that they may be feeling.

4. Let Him Stretch Out in a Paddock

If your horse is confined to a stall or small paddock, let them out into a larger area where they can run and play for a while. This will help to release some of their energy and help to make them feel more relaxed.

5. Try A Relaxing Herbal Tea

Another option is to pour herbal tea into their regular feed. Certain herbal teas can actually be good for horses, as well as us. There are several herbs that can help to relax and calm them such as chamomile, and lavender.

6. Play Soft Music

Playing soft music can help to soothe and relax them. Choose calming music without a lot of percussion or sudden noises as this could startle them. Experiment with different types of music until you find one that your horse likes best.

If your horse is behaving nervously or anxiously, these tips can help to reduce their anxiety. Some methods are more effective than others, so it’s important to try a few until you find one that works best for your horse.

Talk to your veterinarian or equine nutritionist if you’re not sure where to start. They can help you identify the cause of the anxiety and recommend the best course of treatment. With a little patience and effort, you should be able to get your horse’s nerves under control in no time.

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