Now that warm weather is here to stay for a while, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your pet! Whether you have an inside dog or an outside dog, the outdoors are home to a world of wildlife and endless things to discover. Make sure you and your dog are prepared for your outside adventures!

Stay Hydrated

The best way to keep your dog happy and energized is by keeping him hydrated. Dogs can only sweat through their paw pads and nose, so their bodies heat up very quickly. It’s also especially hard for dogs to cool down when they’re always wearing a fur coat! If your dog spends most of the day alone outside, make sure he has access to a large bowl of water. Keeping a bowl of fresh water in the backyard gives your dog a way to stay cool and hydrated all day.

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Eliminate Insects

Whether or not your dog sleeps inside at the end of the day, he needs to be regularly checked for fleas and ticks. Even if your dog is on flea or tick preventative, he is not 100% protected! A great way to show your dog some love while keeping him safe is by brushing his coat. As you brush through, keep an eye out for the dark brown ticks or tiny black fleas in his fur. Your pup will appreciate the attention while you’re protecting his health.

TIP: Looking for another way to keep your dog parasite-free? Another effective flea and tick preventative is the Seresto Collar! This collar provides 8 months of prevention for your dog in continuous, slow-release treatment.

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Keeping Your Dog Occupied

If you’re planning on leaving your dog out in the yard for a while, keep him busy while you’re gone! Giving your dog a creative outlet for energy is the best way for him to stay out of trouble. The Classic Kong is the perfect toy for your dog to chew on, and it won’t get too dirty outside. With this toy you don’t need to worry about choking hazards or making a mess, because the Kong’s durable rubber material is safe for your dog to enjoy without supervision. If you want to add a little treat, squeeze some Kong stuffing into the toy for bonus excitement!

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Mind The Heat

While you and your dog may love being outdoors, sometimes the summer weather can get TOO hot. When things heat up and your dog starts to lag behind on a walk, it’s time to lower his body temperature. Give him a chance to cool off in the shade, or even find some water for him to swim in! If your dog has a heavy coat of fur, consider clipping him for the summer months. A fresh cut helps to reduce heat from extra hair and will leave your dog feeling cool and ready for your next adventure.

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TIP: If you’re walking your dog around the neighborhood, try to keep him in the grass! Concrete and asphalt can become extremely hot in the summertime. If you wouldn’t walk on it in bare feet, your dog shouldn’t have to either! Not sure if the concrete is too hot for your pup? Do a quick test by pressing your bare hand down for 10 seconds. If you’re able to keep your hand there comfortably, then the surface is safe for your dog’s paws.

Have Fun

No matter where you and your dog go this summer, it’s always best to be overly prepared. Staying hydrated, watching out for insects, and keeping cool are just a few ways to care for your dog in the warm weather. Check out our growing selection of pet products here to ensure a safe and fun summer!

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