The everyday potential for colic is a scary reality for all horse owners. You never know what environmental factors or stressors might cause your horse to colic. With all the time and money you put into caring for your horse, you shouldn’t have to constantly worry about the chance of colic. The best way to be prepared for colic is by preventing the chance of colic in the first place. Arenus knows that colic-free prevention and your peace of mind is a priority, which is why they created the ColicAssurance Program.

What Is the ColicAssurance Program?

The Arenus ColicAssurance Program (CAP) was designed to keep your horse healthy and happy while preventing colic and digestive upset. The Arenus team worked with nutritionists, veterinarians and animal health specialists to create the Assure System products that work as a digestive aid for your horse. When you enroll your horse in CAP, the process is simple. Just fill out the registration form here, answer a few questions, and select one of the two Assure product programs. Next, a Wellness Program designed for your horse’s individual needs will be emailed to you!

How Does the ColicAssurance Program Work?

In order to enroll with the ColicAssurance Program, your horse must meet the program requirements. Some of these requirements include getting annual wellness exams and proof of a working relationship with your veterinarian. You can enroll any number of horses in the CAP, however, each individual horse needs a completed enrollment form. There are no age limits placed on horses enrolled in CAP, but your horse must be at least 5 months of aged and weaned. Leased horses are also welcomed for CAP enrollment.

What Does the ColicAssurance Program Cover?

If you enroll with the ColicAssurance Program, it will cover:

  • Horses that have already had colic surgery, or one abdominal surgery
  • Medical colic
  • Surgical colic
  • Horses with a history of colic
  • Coverage during international travel
  • Continued coverage after an instance of colic while on the program
  • Any age of horse (after being weaned)

Benefits of the ColicAssurance Program

The Arenus team firmly believes in the research and experience placed behind their digestive products. Because of this confidence, the CAP program covers more than most other colic programs. With fewer restrictions on the horses and better coverage in the instance of colic, what more could you ask for as a horse owner? We are certain that the ColicAssurance Program is the most comprehensive colic program currently available to horse owners today.

Have a Question We Didn’t Answer?

Click here to visit the ColicAssurance Program information page. There are FAQ’s and a live chat to help answer any questions and get you enrolled in CAP.

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