Do you really know what ingredients are in the treats you feed your horse? Horse owners have been known to feed their horses snacks ranging from chips and cookies to candy bars and gummies! While it seems like a “treat” to give them a snack that humans enjoy too, there are other options to treat your horses AND offer them nutrients at the same time! If you’re looking for a healthy, all-natural treat, Kelcie’s Horse Treats are sure to please your pony!

New In Town

Kelcie’s Treats are new to the equestrian market and are quickly becoming a favorite with horses and horse owners alike! Kelcie’s are pumpkin spice flavored, locally-sourced and made with natural ingredients. With approximately 362 treats per bag, your horse won’t be able to get enough of these and the nutritional value will keep you feeling guilt-free.

The Kelcie’s Team

With Kelcie’s Treats, you can rest assured your treats are coming from a company with an equestrian background. The Kelcie’s team is a completely family-run and owner operated business. Their team is deeply rooted in the show jumping world, boasting acclaimed riders Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton as ambassadors for the brand. With such equestrian star power backing the Kelcie’s name, it just goes to show that high-level riders want the best treats for their horses.

Ingredients & Production

The ingredients in Kelcie’s Treats include wheat middling’s, wheat flour, rice bran, beet pulp, soybean meal, pumpkin, coconut meal, linseed meal, dried cane molasses, kelp, soybean oil, turmeric spice, banana, salt, and anise spice.

During manufacturing, these treats undergo a special nutrient extrusion process. As a result, this extrusion process ultimately gives these resealable bags a longer shelf life! This helps ensure your horse’s treats will stay fresh and last as long as you need them to and eliminates concerns about feeding your horse stale treats!


When you give a horse Kelcie’s Treats you’re also improving their well-being! These treats are rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids which promote a healthy coat. Additionally, the unique shape of Kelcie’s promotes chewing and saliva production. This works as a stomach buffer for your horse and can even help prevent gastric ulcers. Lastly, the oils from the raw ingredients help your horse absorb fat and energy more efficiently! When you feed Kelcie’s Treats, you can feel good about what you’re putting in your horse’s body.

Try Kelcie’s For Yourself!

Kelcie’s Horse Treats launched in early June of 2019 and is now available in FarmVet Mobile Stores, our Franklin & Wellington Stores, and online here. Don’t delay trying these nutritional treats! Your horse will thank you!