Keeping grey horses clean for competitions can be a tiresome task. Each morning you have to start over from scratch, leaving many horse owners at a loss for the best way to maintain their horse’s coat and color. We’ve put together a few tips and a selection of great whitening, brightening, and stain removing products to step up your bathing routine and help keep your light-colored horse looking its best!

Attack Stains Early

The longer you allow a stain to sit on your horse’s coat, the harder it will be to remove. Even if you don’t have time for a bath every day (and for the sake of your horse’s hair and hoof health you probably shouldn’t give a bath every day anyways) you should still attempt to remove as much of the manure, grass, or urine stains as you can every time you groom your horse.

Greenspot Remover to clean horse available at FarmVet

This can be accomplished quickly and easily, with no rinsing required, by using one of several waterless shampoos.  Cowboy Magic’s Green Spot Remover and Carr & Day & Martin’s Stain Master lift built-up stains and make it easy to wipe away dirt. Perfect for home coat maintenance or last-minute grooming emergencies at shows!

Embrace Purple Shampoo

For grey horses that need a full bath to get rid of all the green spots, using a brightening shampoo will help remove stains while enhancing the coat’s natural grey/white color and shine.

Exhibitor’s QuicSilver and Vetrolin White N’ Brite both are purple in color and deep clean the coat for a soft, shiny finish. Both these products are gentle on the skin and don’t contain harsh bleaches or chemicals.

When in Doubt, Use Touch-Up

If you notice a small spot of green in the warm-up ring, there are a few tricks for last-minute touch-ups before you go in to show.

Shapley's Show Touch Up to clean horse available at FarmVet

Shapley’s Show Touch Up comes in all different colors to match your horse’s coat, and this includes white. A small layer on white markings or grey coats can help give your horse a show-ready finish in a pinch. Bright white socks can also benefit from a light coat of baby powder applied with a rag or soft Fluff Monkey.

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