It’s hard to imagine celebrating Earth Day indoors, especially with the limitations we are under due to COVID-19. When the entire concept of this holiday promotes getting outside and celebrating this planet, you may have difficulty being creative with your Earth Day activities. While Earth Day 2020 looks a little different this year, there are still ways to give back to our planet AND keep our animals and ourselves safe in the process.

1. Start With Seedlings

Swan Flex Hose

Although your local flower nursery is likely closed, you can still find plants at the grocery store! Many grocery stores sell young plants like basil, mint, or cilantro so you can grow your own herb garden. Just because your garden is starting on a smaller scale, doesn’t mean it isn’t great for our earth! Don’t forget a hose for watering – the Swan Flex Hose reaches 50 feet in length and is flexible for all your gardening needs. When the horse show season picks up again, you can easily pack it away in the trailer!

2. Protect Your Planet and Your Ponies

When you finally head outside to enjoy your Earth Day, make sure you’re looking out for your horse’s skin! The warm weather is great, but it also brings out flies and the potential for sunburn. You can select products that are effective AND earth-friendly without sacrificing your wallet or your safety.

UltraShield GreenUltraShield Green will give you, your horse, and even your dog the fly protection you all desperately need. Made with six natural fly repellant oils, this formula is eco-friendly and works to prevent flies without harming the environment! UltraShield Green smells natural, fresh and contains no artificial colors or additives, so you can feel good every time you use it.

UltraShield Green

Sunflower Suncoat – If your horse has a lighter pigmented skin, or especially a pink nose, you’ll want to use Sunflower Suncoat. Sunflower Suncoat is all-natural and designed to protect your horse from the harmful UV rays that can damage the coat. Designed with the earth in mind, this product provides superior effectiveness against sun damage from UV-A and UV-B. It also maintains the natural true color of coats, manes & tails, so you can forget about sun-bleaching!

Sunflower Suncoat

3. Treat Your Canines & Equines

Your horse or dog may not understand that it’s Earth Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make their day special, too! Spend some extra time walking your dog around the neighborhood or hand-grazing your horse. Both activities are safe for the 6ft. social distancing practices! After your quality time is up, offer your four-legged family a treat that benefits their body, and the earth!

ROAMROAM dog treats are responsibly sourced from free-roaming animals in South Africa and made with biodegradable packaging. These exotic meats are hypoallergenic and range from crocodile to ostrich, so your dog can get a taste of the wild. Made from a single ingredient, ROAM pet treats use only the highest quality meat, so you can trust how you treat your dog. 

ROAM Little Warrior Bone

Kelcie’s TreatsKelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are made with organic, all-natural ingredients like turmeric, kelp, and anise that horses can’t get enough of. Rather than using plastic, Kelcie’s Treats are packaged in a convenient resealable bag to ensure freshness and eco-mindedness. With Kelcie’s Treats in hand, you’re helping to promote overall wellness in your horse!

4. Look Good, Feel Good

Seize Earth Day as an opportunity to clean up around your neighborhood. Even if you can’t stray far from home, grab some gloves and spend an hour picking up the trash around your neighborhood! When your space is clean and looking good, then you’ll be feeling good too! The same is true for our dogs and horses. While they might dislike getting a bath at the moment, they always appreciate feeling clean after!

Tenda PodsHorse & Pet Shampoo Pods from Tenda are scientifically developed to save water and save you time bathing your horse. Each pod has the ability to bathe up to 3 horses. Just throw it in a bucket, add water, and the pod will bubble up for bath time. These Pods cut down on waste by limiting plastic typically used in gallon containers, and preventing wasted water!


Earthbath – The name says it all! Earthbath’s selection of all-natural, organic shampoos, grooming wipes, and more will have your dog or cat excited for bathtime! Each product is free of toxins, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and phosphates and offers a different solution to your pet’s skincare needs. Whether they experience allergies, dry skin, or shedding, Earthbath has the perfect natural product for your pet!

EarthBath 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Love Your Planet

At the end of the day, every conscious decision you make to use an eco-friendly product or switch to a natural alternative is beneficial to our Earth. Whether you’re stuck inside or limited to space outside, make sure you celebrate Earth Day in a way that is right for you and your family!

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Now that you’re feeling ready to get outside for Earth Day, make sure your horse’s allergies are too. Read our blog about Allergy Season & Your Horse here!