Horses are sensitive creatures, and even the slightest change in their environment can cause a major disruption to their digestive system. Much like when humans feel butterflies in their stomach before giving a speech or a big competition, horses experience stomach discomfort when faced with new environmental factors.

These environmental factors can be traveling, stress, long term confinement in the stall, large rations of grain, use of NSAIDs, and strenuous exercise. More than 90% of competition horses experience ulcers as a result of their general lifestyle. Even with competitions currently on hold, adjusting to this new routine could still be problematic for your horse’s digestive system.

Ease GI Pain

Vitalize Alimend from BioZyme, Inc. helps ease gastrointestinal pain and indigestion in horses. This liquid supplement is formulated to help maintain a balanced stomach pH and promote proper digestion. In addition, prebiotics and similar ingredients support GI health and resilience against gastric problems. Vitalize Alimend does not contain prohibited substances, making it the perfect supplement for horses experiencing stress and stomach pain-inducing conditions at competitions. For horses currently out of competition, you will be able to continue using Alimend without fear of throwing off your horse’s GI tract when they return to the ring!

Vitalize Alimend is a top dressing supplement, meaning it is simple to administer to your horse! Mix in with daily grain feedings for as long as treatment is needed. The dosage recommendation is 1 oz. (2 pumps) per day, with a maximum dosage of 2 oz. (4 pumps) per day recommended during periods with particularly high stress or exertion. 


  • AO-Biotics
  • Lion’s Mane extract
  • MHB3 Hyaluronan
  • Purified water
  • Sodium chloride
  • Xanthan gum
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Sodium benzoate

Be Aware

Getting ahead of your horse’s gastric distress is the key to their comfort. If you notice a loss of coat shine or hair, grumpier demeanor, poor appetite, weight loss, or decreased performance, your horse may be experiencing ulcers. Be aware of these symptoms, especially if your horse has undergone recent environmental changes. As soon as you can start treating your horse, you’ll already be on the road to recovery!

Think Your Horse’s Symptoms Are Different?

If your horse is experiencing other symptoms than previously listed, it may not be ulcers! Allergies are also especially common this time of year. Check out our blog on how to defeat allergy season here.

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