“I have butterflies in my stomach.” 

This common term often gets passed over or explained away as a symptom of nervousness in humans, but have you ever thought about what that nervous feeling could mean when it’s your horse suffering from a case of the butterflies? 

We’ve all felt it – that feeling of growing uneasiness that seems to start in the stomach and ting at your nerves. That feeling is actually gastric turmoil building up in the sensitive GI tract. Horses can tell us what this feeling means to them if we’re paying attention. Oversensitivity to your leg aids, a lack of focus on the rider, and becoming generally stiff and resistant under saddle are all signs that your horse is suffering from his own version of “butterflies.”

Karen Polle uses GastroPrep available at FarmVet

“GastroPrep EQ works great to quickly settle Wings’ gastric nerves.”

Karen Polle

A veterinarian would describe this state as gastric tension – that’s your horse’s response to anxiety, caused by a sudden onset of severe gastric discomfort. New environments and shipping are two of the most common causes of stress on the gut, and they just so happen to be two things that performance horses encounter on a regular basis! When left unattended, gastric discomfort only builds and worsens, impacting attitude and performance negatively.

Fixing The Problem

When it comes to solving your horse’s pre-event gastric butterflies, there are a few common misconceptions. Traditionally, proton pump inhibitors and other medications are used to treat an existing gastric condition, but science suggests they may not be appropriate for long-term maintenance.  

Tube of GastroPrep EQ paste for horses available at FarmVet

High-level horsemen who rely on Perfect Products for performance support expressed the need for an alternative, and in response, we formulated GastroPrep EQ. This unique formula contains probiotics, prebiotics, stomach buffers, hindgut support, soothing agents, and healing agents. Together, these ingredients support proper digestive processes and result in a comfortable, quieter, and happier horse. 

Providing Comprehensive Gastric Support:

GastroPrep EQ quickly addresses the symptoms of gastric stress and supports all parts of the digestive process. Designed to administer one hour prior to shipping or performance, the benefit of GastroPrep EQ begins almost immediately and lasts for eight hours. Use GastroPrep EQ before your next performance and experience a more comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable horse.

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Does your horse need a little more than GastroPrep EQ to calm their competition butterflies? Check out our blog on Perfect Prep EQ Prime to learn more about Perfect Prep’s new calming paste!

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This blog was contributed by the team at Perfect Products in an effort to get the information out about the benefits of using GastroPrep EQ.