Fly season can be a huge bummer when it comes to spending time with your horse. The constant tail swishing and hoof stomping can distract your horse while you ride, which can become dangerous if your horse gets irritated enough. No matter what tricks you use to keep the flies at bay, the insects always seem to multiply.

As horse owners, we know the menagerie of tools it takes to truly diminish the number of flies around the barn. While nothing but cold weather can truly eliminate these pests, we’ve got a solid assortment of tools to make the fly season more tolerable for you and your horse!

Sprays & Wipes

Aloe Herbal Fly Wipes

Fly spray is a must, and thankfully we offer tons of options! Did you know that fly wipes are an option, too? For horses that are sensitive to sprays around their face, stick to gentle wipes to keep the bugs away!

Aloe Herbal Fly WipesAloe Herbal Fly Repellent Wipes redesign how you think about fly repellent products. A unique blend of gentle botanical oils is infused to repel insects without having to spray. Also, the resealable container keeps these wipes fresh all summer long.

Pyranha Aerosol Fly SprayPyranha Aerosol Fly Spray is a pyrethrins-based formula that is designed to be sprayed directly on to the horse. It has been proven effective on biting flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, and ticks.  This fly spray also contains lanolin which adds a lustrous shine to the horse’s coat when brushed out.


Nose Net

Whether your horse is in turn out or their stall, a fly mask is always a good idea. Protecting the most sensitive areas of their face is crucial so your horse can stay comfortable and bite-free.

Cashel Nose & Ears Mask – The Crusader Mask by Cashel features a patented three-hole cap that eliminates forelock damage and ensures comfort. This mask also stays put while your horse is stalled or turned out in the pasture! Soft-coated nylon micro-mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and protects the sensitive, soft tissues of the eyes and forehead.

Nose Net – The Cashel Nose Net easily attaches to any cavesson or tie-down noseband with a hook-and-loop closure. Covers the horse’s nostrils and provides protection from dust, biting insects, flies with added protection against the sun. The Nose Net is great for horses who are easily distracted by flies during a ride!


Amigo Bug Revolution

For all-over protection, choose a fly sheet that can offer your horse comfort and breathability throughout the summer months. Neck attachments are optional!

Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet – The Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet brings cutting edge insect-deterrent technology together with their super-light disc front closure to produce a comfortable and effective flysheet to keep your horse comfortable. Soft yet strong, Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet protects your horse from UV light and absorbs excess moisture. 

FarmVet Fly Sheet – Our FarmVet branded Fly Sheet is lined with silky nylon in the shoulders and along the crest of the neck and is a great option for horses of all shapes, sizes, and sensitivities. Front buckles allow for maximum adjustability while a velcro closure keeps the front securely closed.


Trap N Toss

Keeping your barn safe from insects is a lot of work, so count on a fly trap to help you out! From sticky strips to odor traps, you can let these products do the dirty work for you.

Trap N Toss – The Trap N Toss Fly Trap is a must-have for any barn operation. The odor within the trap attracts flies, then traps them inside the container. With the ability to hold up to 10,000 flies, the Trap N Toss can either be hung up or left on the ground!

QuickStrike Fly Strip – The QuickStrike Fly Strip is designed to kill flies just seconds after feeding on the strip. The flies are attracted to the sugar-based matrix that contains the active ingredient. Flies generally feed close to the ground so it is important to place bait stations no higher than 4 feet to ensure maximum efficacy. 



SimpliFlySimpliFly is a feed supplement for horses that prevents stable and house flies from living in your horse’s manure. This supplement concludes the life cycle of fly larvae by impeding their exoskeleton’s formation, ultimately killing any potential new larvae. SimpliFly is considered a reduced risk pesticide, making it safe to use for pest management.

Garlic N’ MoreGarlic N’ More contains a unique blend of garlic, seaweed, herbs, oils, and vitamins to help the horse get the most out its nutritional intake while aiding in digestion, and boosting the immune system. The garlic will also change the scent of your horse, causing flies to be deterred from biting!

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