Building your horse’s topline isn’t a process that can happen overnight. It takes months of core exercises, proper nutrition, stretching, and muscle building to achieve a well-developed topline. As equestrians, we’re no stranger to putting in the time to get the desired results. While there are technically no “shortcuts” to getting that ideal topline we ALL want for our horses, Total Topline from Ramard provides the key nutrients to target those specific muscles.

Total Topline

Total Topline

Formulated with a targeted amino acid profile, high-quality proteins, and vitamins and minerals, Total Topline helps quickly build and maintain muscle. Whether your horse is in competition, coming back to work, or retired, Total Topline’s formula is ideal for improving muscle strength and overall performance. As a result, the nutritional values in Total Topline are the key ingredients to maintaining your horse’s healthy muscle condition.

How It Works

The Total Topline formula is extremely palatable. No loading dose is necessary! For horses in rehabilitation or recovery, feed one scoop per day. For building topline, muscle, or performance, feed 1/2 scoop per day.

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