Hard work and sweat are familiar to those of us invested in the equestrian world. The life of a horse lover revolves around ensuring that your equine partner is healthy and happy. During the summer, giving your horse additional attention and care is crucial. High temperatures affect many factors, like your horse’s ability to exercise, and their willingness to eat or drink water. The best way to keep your horse hydrated throughout the summer is with electrolytes!

We’re breaking down our top selling electrolytes in their many forms. No matter if your horse is a picky eater or a limited water drinker, we’re certain there is the perfect electrolyte option out there!

Electrolyte Pastes

Summer Games, Tenda, Perfect Balance

Summer Games Paste: Summer Games Paste contains a blend of ingredients that buffer excess gastric acid and replenish the electrolytes and trace minerals depleted when horses sweat. This is a low- sugar formula that increases tolerance to exercise, speeds recovery time, and protects from dehydration by increasing the thirst response.

Perfect Balance Electrolite: Perfect Balance Electrolite is balanced for the proportion of electrolytes lost in your horse’s sweat. Feeding sugar slows electrolyte absorption by slowing stomach emptying into the gut where electrolytes are absorbed. Perfect Balance Electrolite is completely sugar-and filler-free, so your horse gets quick electrolyte recovery.

Race Day Formula: Race Day Formula works to replace lost electrolytes during heavy exercise. Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, Race Day is a great solution for horses in training, exercise, turnout, extensive heat, competition, or trailering. This paste does not test and is cherry-flavored for better palatability. 

Electrolyte Powders


Apple-A-Day: Apple-A-Day prevents dehydration, replenishes electrolytes, and aids in appetite and water consumption. This product is formulated without sugars or dyes and contains a unique apple flavor that horses love. Apple-A-Day is extremely cost-effective, just feed 1 oz. daily!

Stress-Dex: Stress-Dex is a balanced electrolyte-trace element powder to be used as a supplement source of energy and of calcium, phosphorous, salt, and potassium. This orange-flavored supplement is cost-effective, and a simple way to replenish essential nutrients lost due to stress and heavy exercise.

Alternative Electrolytes

Salt Lick/Hanging Ball

Himalayan Salt Lick: The Himalayan Salt Lick offers your horse a balanced intake of iron, potassium, and magnesium that are critical to diet and overall health. This product is weather resistant, so they can be used in a stall or out in a field!

Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball: Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball helps keep your horse busy by eliminating stall boredom! Not only is it made out of sweet feed that has been specifically designed to stick together to last a long time. This great tasting ball will entertain your horse for hours while providing them with essential minerals and vitamins. We suggest the Sugar-Free flavor!

Stay Hydrated

No matter what electrolyte you choose for your horse, making sure they have access to water is the most important. The water should be clean and tepid – ice-cold water can cause cramping and colic. If your horse has access to clean drinking water at all times, you’re already halfway there to ensuring their hydration!

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