Caring for your horse’s hooves can be one of the most stressful tasks as a horse owner. Much like the Goldilocks fairytale, a horse’s hooves should not be too hard or too soft, they must be just right. However, getting your horse’s hooves to that ideal composition is half the battle. While there are many tricks and tools used to keep your horse’s hooves in top form, hoof packing is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy hoof.

Reasons to Pack Hooves:

  • Minimize soreness after a ride, whether competition, trail riding, or training
  • Bring moisture out of the feet if your horse is living in wet conditions
  • Toughen the sole when your horse is transitioning from wearing shoes to going barefoot
  • Bring more pliability into extremely dry hooves

Because hoof packing is so versatile for your horse’s needs, it’s a great idea to always keep a bucket of hoof packing on hand. While there are many product options out there, Magic Cushion is one of our favorites.

Magic Cushion

Magic Cushion

Magic Cushion is the only anti-inflammatory and analgesic hoof packing available to the equine athlete. This product has been proven effective in providing relief to horses suffering from soreness resulting from the everyday rigors of training, laminitis, white line disease, pedal osteitis, abscesses, navicular syndrome, bruising, corns, canker, and any concussive trauma to the hoof tissues. As a result, Magic Cushion is formulated for use after hard work or the day before and all the days of athletic events. 

Magic Cushion Xtreme

Magic Cushon Xtreme

Magic Cushion Xtreme uses a higher concentration of active ingredients than the original Magic Cushion to provide faster, stronger relief for performance horses. This product can be used to quickly and effectively relieve soreness resulting from a wide array of hoof maladies, including laminitis, bruising, abscesses, and many others. 


The proper application of hoof packing is key to its effectiveness on the hoof. Thoroughly clean all areas of the sole using a hoof pick and a wire brush if necessary. Packing must come in direct contact with the sole to be effective. Use an amount of hoof packing that is sufficient to cover the sole of the frog 1/2 inch in depth. Apply hoof packing evenly over the entire sole. After application, wrap with a material that will keep the hoof packing in place. We recommend using Equifit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape.

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