Our “From The Source” edition features product success stories from FarmVet employees. Thank you to Rachel Worth for sharing your piece about Zephyr and his journey with Cavalor’s product, Hoof Aid Special.

Rachel Worth and Zephyr

I have owned Zephyr for 18 years. He turns 20 this year, and he has had navicular his whole life. As you might imagine, this has made competition difficult throughout our time together. When we were both younger, we competed in the Big Eq together. Unfortunately, his feet wouldn’t hold up and I ultimately retired him to a therapeutic riding center.

Around the same time, I was working as a groom for well-known competition barns. After grooming for quite a while, I had researched and looked into many hoof supplements. I also had used these different hoof supplements at the various farms I worked for and diligently watched for changes.

Hoof Aid Special

Hoof Aid Special came into play for me when I was working with a Grand Prix Rider who used the product on her horses. I was AMAZED by how well this product worked, and especially the expedited process. We took clear photo evidence of the changes from starting our horses on Hoof Aid Special to the finish. As a result, we had sounder horses with stronger hooves in every environment they encountered.

Over the years, I’ve found that show horses’ hooves suffer greatly from traveling so much and adapting to different climates. Whether it’s the grass, the humidity, or other environmental factors. After seeing such great results, I knew I had to try Hoof Aid Special on Zephyr.

Zephyr’s Journey

After Zephr had been on Hoof Aid Special for about 6 weeks, there was a significant change. He no longer needed injections in the bursa/coffin joint to keep his navicular from acting up. His hooves even grew so much that our farrier was shocked. Finally, the best part was that he went from being stiff and uncomfortable to completely sound.

While Zephyr is still an aging man with arthritis, his feet have never looked better. He is so sound and comfortable that he is able to compete at the Devon Horse Show and at Harrisburg in the therapeutic classes!

Zephyr at the Devon Horse Show

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