With the “Stay-At-Home” order in effect around the United States, you might be feeling similar to a horse that’s been stuck in their stall all day. The idea of being trapped in one place for an indefinite amount of time doesn’t appeal to many humans, and it’s not much different for our horses.

While your barn may still be open to solo trail rides or private lessons, both you and your horse’s regular schedule has certainly changed. In such a confusing time, it’s crucial to keep your horse’s mind entertained, as well as your own!

Groom Away The Gloom

Getting hands-on with your horse is the perfect way to show them some love and affection while keeping their coat shiny and healthy! HandsOn Gloves combine the dependability of traditional combs or shedders with the benefit of a more hands-on approach to cleaning your horse. The non-slip interior allows for detailed cleaning on both wet and dry coats!

Fuel The Fun

Adding new toys and treats into your horse’s environment can provide some fresh entertainment! If you want to offer your horse some nutrients, we recommend a Himalayan Salt Lick or an Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball. The Himalayan Salt Lick is large enough to provide months worth of minerals to your horse while giving him a distracting activity! An Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball also provides vitamins, minerals, and fun flavor options like molasses, apple, carrot, peppermint, and even sugar-free! You can tie up the Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Ball over your horse’s stall door to provide them with enriching playtime.

Play With Their Hay

Being stuck in a stall means there are fewer opportunities for natural grazing. If your horse isn’t getting the nutrients it needs from grass, feeding hay is the next best option. However, you can’t keep giving flake after flake unless you want your horse to come out of quarantine with a hay-belly!

The NibbleNet is perfect for a horse that spends large amounts of time in the stall! This slow-feeding hay net that allows your horse to “graze” on hay, a more natural process that is easier on the digestive system. The NibbleNet slows down their hay consumption so they can munch all day long, rather than eating their full portion immediately after feeding time.

Is Your Horse Feeling Stall Sour?

Message us on Facebook with your best tips and tricks for keeping your horse from getting sour in the stall! The COVID-19 pandemic is a scary time for everyone, and now is the best time to come together and help each other!