Over the course of many years of show seasons and consistent training, general wear and tear on your horse’s body are inevitable. Our horses work hard to perform at their best for us regularly. It’s up to us to keep them comfortable and safe throughout their competitive years. With dedicated attention to joints, nutrients, hooves, and muscle recovery, you’re helping your horse recover faster and be prepared for their next event. Therefore, we’ve gathered the top selection of Cavalor products to improve your competition horse’s longevity.

Arti Matrix

Arti Matrix

Eliminating inflammation and improving muscle recovery are crucial for aiding your horse’s recovery time. Arti Matrix is a joint supplement that addresses persistent joint problems for horses in heavy work. By providing necessary nutrients and minerals, this supplement can help alleviate joint pain, decrease inflammation, and improve suppleness in competition horses. 


Between tablets, paste, and topical gel, we’re certain you’ll find the right form of FreeBute for your equine partner.

FreeBute Tablets

FreeBute Tablets: FreeBute Tablets support the muscular and joint health of horses in heavy training and actively competing. This all-natural product has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used to help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with strenuous work. FreeBute’s herb mixture composition does not contain any active chemical ingredients, and, if used as directed, can be used as a substitute for products such as Phenylbutazone during competition. 

FreeBute Pro Paste

FreeBute Pro: FreeBute Pro paste helps alleviate pain and joint discomfort of horses in heavy training and actively competing. This formula includes feverfew and white oak to support a normal response to inflammation, and vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids to help fight oxidative stress. Finally, amino acids as well as zinc and manganese promote normal muscle recovery. This proprietary blend helps your horse address discomfort associated with normal exercise and aging.

FreeBute Gel

FreeBute Gel: FreeBute Gel is a topical gel for your horse that relieves pain and promotes healing on strained muscles and tendons. This product relaxes, soothes, and cools when applied, absorbing into the skin to help speed recovery and prevent overexertion of muscles. Made with eight essential oils, including eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree, FreeBute Gel encourages the healing processes in a natural way.

Electrolyte Balance

Electrolyte Balance

Intake of electrolytes is crucial, whether you’re competing in summer shows or trail riding. Electrolyte Balance helps replace essential minerals lost through your horse’s natural sweating process. Without replacing these nutrients, horses in intensive work can become fatigued and exhibit decreased performance. This supplement helps horses recover faster and handle periods of intensive work. 

Ice Clay

Ice Clay

Ice Clay provides quick, soothing relief to stressed muscles and tendons. Just as an athlete ices down after a game, Ice Clay relieves swelling and soothes stressed tendons. The natural clay compact helps reduce inflammation in your horse’s legs. The formula is also enriched with essential oils and minerals. This product is particularly useful after strenuous exercise on hard ground, such as gallop sets or cross country.


Cool Sens

Cavalor’s CoolSens liniment helps cool your horse down and relax his muscles after a hard work out. An effective blend of tea tree and essential oils stimulates the nerves to produce a soothing sensation. This pH neutral formula won’t irritate the skin and draws heat out of the body for optimal cooling.

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