This Valentine’s Day, show your 4-legged loved ones how much they truly mean to you. We have teamed up with FarmVet employees’ pups and ponies to develop a list of delectable but healthy treats your pets genuinely want. After a year of them listening to our endless zooms, giving us a reason to leave the house, and tolerating more time with us, it is time to do a little extra for them!

Pup-Approved Products 

Roam Dog Treats at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Roam Deli-Prepped Jerky is made with healthy and sustainable proteins that help eliminate food allergies and make an exciting change from regular treats. These exotic jerky treats will make your dog think they just hunted wild game in Africa. While they have their new snack, you feel proud about your choice. These treats have no artificial flavors or unnecessary ingredients. 

Wildly Natural Whole Jerky Strips Dog Treats at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Fruitables Wildly Natural Whole Jerky Strips will help your dog find their wild side from the comfort of home. As you open the resealable bag, you won’t be able to keep your dogs away. With delicious flavors like bacon, salmon, chicken, or bison, you can keep your dog’s treat interesting all while feeling confident in the all-natural ingredients.  

SmartMouth Dental Chews at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

SmartMouth Dental Chews received two paws up from the FarmVet customers in Wellington. We’ve been letting our horse show regulars try these in honor of Pet Dental Health Awareness Month, and let’s just say we have some repeat visitors. These uniquely healthy but delicious dental chews will help ensure your dog has fresh breath for your Valentine’s Day kisses, plus it helps fight tarter and plaque buildup for an overall healthier mouth. 


Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses will not disappoint! These treats are picky-Thoroughbred and jean pocket-approved. These all-natural and crumble-resistant treats are perfect for coaxing your horse out of the field or simply rewarding them for a hard day’s work. Voted America’s #1 Horse Treat, you simply cannot go wrong with these treats. 

Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Kelcie’s Horse Treats are a barn favorite because they are low in sugar but high in quality. This makes them the ideal treat for everyone and we can promise your horse won’t be disappointed if this is their Valentine’s gift. From your golden oldies to your competitive show jumpers, these pumpkin spice all-natural treats are a hit, and their smallish size makes them great for training.

Cavalor Crunchies horse treats at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Crunchies are molasses-free treats that are high in fiber, vitamins, and consumer praise. We all know and love Cavalor because of their commitment to superior horse supplements and that is no different with their treats. These great-smelling treats have large carrot chunks that your horse will love. Bonus, after your ponies polish off their treats, the packaging is perfect for repurposing. 

Paddock Cakes horse treats at FarmVet for Valentine's Day

Paddock Cakes’ are true treats. These cookies are topped with candy and various other delicious goodies the whole team will adore. These yummy treats are the perfect way to reward your horse after a great ride, just make sure your riders don’t pick off the gummies for themselves this Valentine’s Day.

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