Young riders around the country spend all year preparing for the excitement of Pony Finals at the beginning of August. Or, if you’re not at the show, you may be seeking an alternative way to spend your week. After tough year-round training, it’s time for a little rest and recuperation. We’ve gathered our favorite products so you can pamper your pony for all their hard work.


Full Blown Pony Shampoo & Conditioner

Full Blown Pony Shampoo & Conditioner for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Full Blown Pony Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to get your pony squeaky clean. This shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients and comes in multiple fun fragrances to leave your horse shiny and smelling great. Options like Raspberry Lemonade, Root Beer, Cinnamon Roll, and Vanilla Butter bring a delightful element into bath time!

Epona Gummy Scrubber

Epona Gummy Scrubber for Pony grooming available at FarmVet

The Epona Gummy Scrubber is a multi-functioning grooming tool that helps remove unwanted hair, dust, dirt, and dander from your horse. It is perfect for ponies with sensitive skin. It has soft rubber bristles on one side, and firm nodules on the other so you can brush, bath, curry, or massage, all with the same tool! Use it for some extra suds in your bath routine or to show a little extra love with your grooming routine.

Tiger’s Tongue

Epona Tiger's Tongue for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Lift caked dirt, manure, and sweat marks from your horse’s coat with the Tiger’s Tongue. This vacuum-packed tool expands when opened and is perfect for even the toughest grooming jobs. Tiger’s Tongues can be used dry or wet, and are perfect for removing dirt, scrubbing white legs, buffing hoof walls, removing sweat marks, and more! The textured feel of this sponge feels nice on your horse’s skin and can help stimulate the hair follicles for an overall shinier look. 


Cashel Fly Mask With Ears

Cashel Fly Mask for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

The Cashel Fly Mask with Ears provides protection for your pony against insects and the sun, whether in the stall or out in a field. The soft yet durable micro mesh blocks up to 70% of UV rays, helping to protect your horse’s sensitive eyes from damage. The patented design helps prevent forelock damage with an extra hole to pull the hair through. Lining around the edges prevents uncomfortable rubbing, and double-locking Velcro helps keep this fly mask securely in place – no matter what your pony gets into! 

Pony Polo Wraps

Jack's Manufactuuring Pony Polo Wraps for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Jack’s Manufacturing created this set of Pony Polo Wraps as high-quality polo wraps sized specifically for ponies. These extra-thick, shock-resistant bandages provide better tension distribution when in training, and require no padding beneath. For ponies in training or those that need a bit of extra support, this pack of four wraps is easy to keep track of and use in an instant!

Plugz Pony Size (Stable Pack)

Plugz Pony Size earplugs for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Pony Plughz is a lightweight foam earplug that keeps your pony focused on their job, whether it’s a jump-off or a trail ride.  These earplugs have a smooth finish that is non-irritating to the most sensitive horses. The Plughz design shapes to your horse’s ears and the dense design helps eliminate more sound, so even the naughtiest ponies can’t find anything to spook at. 

Other Goodies

Paddock Cake Paddies

Paddock Cake Paddies treats for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Paddock Cake Paddies are adorable, chewy treats your pony will love! Topped with candy and other goodies, these delicious treats are the perfect way to reward your horse after a great ride. Paddock Cakes are made with all-natural ingredients and are a must-have to keep in your trunk!

Fluff Monkey

Fluff Monkey for Pony owners available at FarmVet

The Fluff Monkey is an adorable multi-purpose tool for all your cleaning needs. Made out of soft, durable fabric, Fluff Monkeys can buff riding boots, spot clean clothes, apply leather cleaner to tack, or be a fun accessory and toy to add to your horse show backpack. Try your Fluff Monkey out with the Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap!

Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap

Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap for Pony Owners available at FarmVet

Full Blown Pony Saddle Soap is infused with fun fragrances to add excitement to your tack cleaning routine. Made with all-natural ingredients, this glycerine soap leaves your tack clean and soft with a pleasant smell. Options like Cotton Candy, Gingerbread, Cinnamon Roll, and Raspberry Lemonade are sure to make cleaning tack more enjoyable!

Practice Safe Pony Play

Whether you’re at home or at the shows, always remember to show your pony that extra love. Take this time outside of the ring to spend quality time together. And whether you’re grooming or grazing, appreciate yourself and your pony for your hard work!

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