After working hard through the summer heat, Labor Day provides us a chance to rest and prepare for the approaching fall season. Right now, it may seem like the warm temperatures are staying forever, but it will be blanketing weather before we know it. Kick your feet up and relax this Labor Day, because we’ve gathered all the recovery products you’ll need to survive the next season!

Ice-Vibe Tendon Boots


Cool off after a busy summer with these boots. Ice-Vibe Tendon Boots from Horseware Ireland are rechargeable massage boots that help to boost circulation in your horse’s legs. Combining the effects of cooling and massage therapy, Ice-Vibe boots help to effectively treat strains, ligament, and tendon damage. This boot can fit seamlessly into any rider’s program as a way to help your horse bounce back from the basics of everyday work to the strains of an injury.  


Relief Poultice

If you’re looking for a poultice with a quick cleanup that can be used with or without wraps, ReliefPoultice has you covered. ReliefPoultice from Ramard is formulated with Calendula, Arnica, and MSM to prevent swelling in your horse’s legs and hooves. This clinical strength formula includes Bentonite clay, a mineral-rich substance. If your horse experiences abscesses, bruising, swelling, or discomfort, Relief Poultice helps provide comfort while gently cooling. This product can be used safely without gloves.

FreeBute Gel

FreeBute Gel

There’s not much time for relaxation in the horse world, so FreeBute Gel gets the job done quickly and efficiently. This topical gel helps relieve pain and promote healing of damaged or strained muscles and tendons. This product relaxes, soothes, and cools when applied. Made with eight essential oils, including eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree, FreeBute Gel encourages the healing processes in a natural way. FreeBute Gel can be used before or after exercise to either prepare or repair your horse’s muscles and tendons. 

Liquid Titanium Mask

Liquid Titanium Mask

Fenwick’s Liquid Titanium Therapeutic Mask produces calming effects for horses in a natural way. This lightweight, breathable, therapeutic mask works by producing negative ions and Far Infrared Rays that penetrate the horse’s body and activate molecules and body cells that produce a varying degree of warmth. The stimulated blood flow creates a healing effect on the body.  This mask is a great tool for racehorses and other competition horses that need to calm down and focus on their job.  

Plughz Stable Pack

Plughz Stable Pack

With indoors around the corner, make sure you’re prepared to drown out the distractions. The Plughz Stable Pack comes with 10 pairs of earplugs, so you always have a backup when one goes missing. Plughz are a lightweight, foam earplug that keeps your horse focused on their job, whether it’s a jump-off or a trail ride.  These earplugs have a smooth finish that is non-irritating for sensitive horses. Plughz even shape to your horse’s ears for the most comfort!

Kelcie’s Treats

Kelcie's Treats

Last but not least, don’t forget to finish out your horse’s day with a nice reward. Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats come in crunchy, bite-sized nuggets that are perfect for positive reinforcement. These treats are made with quality ingredients that are manufactured using an extrusion process ensuring maximum nutrient absorption. Ingredients like turmeric, kelp, and anise all help to promote overall wellness in your horse. These cookies are healthy and irresistible! 

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