High-quality products don’t always have to equal high cost. If you’re looking for the tack trunk products that actually work without hurting your wallet, Cavalor has you covered. From hoof care to anti-inflammatory pastes, we’ve put together a selection of daily essentials that every successful horse owner needs on hand.

Star Shine

Star Shine

A healthy, shiny coat points to signs of a well-loved horse. Cavalor’s Star Shine conditioner leaves your horse’s hair sleek and tangle-free for a show-ready look that lasts all week. A blend of high-quality, organic silicones gently detangle the hair and provide a protective layer to prevent damage. Star Shine adds volume and shine with a long-lasting fresh fragrance, so your horse can look and feel his best.


Mud Doc

Mud fever, commonly referred to as scratches, can be a tricky problem to get rid of, especially when horses are subjected to wet weather. Cavalor MudDoc helps combat the microorganisms responsible for this skin infection with a blend of essential oils and naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal nutrients. MudDoc keeps the skin on your horse’s pasterns moisturized and elastic, helping to prevent future infection as well.

Leather Soap & Leather Shine

Regular cleaning and conditioning are vital to your leather products’ health, and Cavalor’s glycerine-based liquid Leather Soap is here to help keep your tack clean and supple year after year. This sprayable soap gently lifts away sweat, grease, and dirt, leaving your leather clean and supple.

Cavalor Leather Shine nourishes your leather without leaving a sticky, greasy residue. Lanolin, oils, and waxes combine to create a cream that keeps leather supple while adding a shiny, protective finish. Leather Shine is hydrophobic, so it helps protect the leather from rain and humidity.



Your horse’s hooves are the foundation for his overall wellness, so make sure they stay healthy and strong with Cavalor PodoGuard. When hooves become overly dry, they are prone to cracking and deteriorating. However, the hoof can also become soft and at risk for microorganism infections if exposed to excess water and mud. PodoGuard is specially formulated to restore the perfect amount of moisture to the hooves, encouraging healthy growth in damaged hooves and providing a barrier against bacteria and other infections.

FreeBute Pro Paste

Freebute Paste

Before a long day of training or competition, be sure to give your horse FreeBute Pro Paste to alleviate inflammation. Cavalor’s FreeBute Pro supports the muscular and joint health of horses in heavy training and actively competing. This all-natural product has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to help diminish discomfort associated with strenuous work. 

Dry Feet

Dry Feet

Cavalor’s Dry Feet helps dry the frog and sole of your horse’s hoof and kill thrush-causing bacteria. Dirt and moisture can cause weak frogs and soles of the hoof, leading to infection and deterioration. This topical product hardens and dries the hoof, and is specially formulated to stick to the hoof longer.


Equi Wash

Cavalor’s Equi Wash Shampoo leaves your horse clean and shiny without causing irritation. Infused with Provitamin B5 and glycerin, this shampoo moisturizes and strengthens the hair while adding volume and shine. Unlike many human shampoos that people commonly use, Equi Wash Shampoo is specially pH balanced for horses to be gentle on their skin.



Finally, don’t forget to say thank you to your horse for all their hard work. Cavalor Fruities are the perfect treat for health-conscious horses. These treats contain several different types of grains, as well as molasses and fruit extracts, for a tasty flavor that your horse will love! Don’t forget the included vitamins and minerals for additional support. Fruities come in a resealable bag for easy storage and lasting freshness!

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