Cavalor offers a variety of respiratory products to ensure your horse has the best treatments for its needs. Whether your horse is experiencing a cough, congestion, or having general breathing issues, the Cavalor Bronchix line covers all the bases. The liquid, powder, and paste options help you work with your horse’s preferences to make sure they recover faster and feel even better than before.

Bronchix Pulmo

bronchix pulmo

For picky eaters, Bronchix Pulmo comes in a paste supplement designed to reduce inflammation in your horse’s airways and aid respiratory function. Ideal for horses with EIPH and pulmonary problems, Bronchix Pulmo supports lung elasticity while clearing the respiratory tract for improved breathing conditions. This product can be given as an additive during heavy training or competition, or as a treatment. 

Bronchix Pure

Bronchix Pure

Bronchix Pure is an effective and natural way to provide your horse with a complete nutritional supplement for their respiratory system. This supplement is formulated to help relieve bronchial and pulmonary problems in horses. This supplement helps soothe and clear the respiratory tract, while also increasing the body’s natural immune response and resistance to respiratory problems. 

Bronchix Liquid

Bronchix Liquid

Bronchix Liquid uses a unique blend of essential oils and plant extracts to help alleviate bronchial problems in horses. This supplement can help relieve coughing and congestion from colds, making coughs more efficient and beneficial. Bronchix Liquid can also be used to clear the respiratory tract before intensive effort. If your horse suffers from congestion, Bronchix Liquid is a great option to help them perform their best on competition day.

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No matter which form of Bronchix supplement is right for your horse, you can rest assured knowing Cavalor’s products are effective and natural. If you have any questions and concerns, contact our supplement support team here. They are educated and available to help you select the best supplement for your horse.

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