This Saturday, September 19th, we’re celebrating Responsible Pet Owner’s Day! Whether you own a horse, dog, or cat, you know how much your pet depends on you for their everyday needs. Providing and caring for an animal requires a lot of love and attentiveness to ensure you are giving them what they want, but also what they need. With those same needs in mind, we’ve highlighted our favorite “Responsible Pet Owner” product and are offering some quick tips on how to be the most responsible pet owner!


SaniPet Sanitizing Coat Spray features an alcohol-free formula designed to kill bacteria and germs in just 60 seconds. For pets who may be exposed to outside bacteria like dog walkers, public spaces, veterinary offices, daycares, or other animals, SaniPet helps keep your pet safe from bacteria and reduces the chance of germs entering your home!

One of the best things about this product is you don’t have to worry about your pet licking it off their paws. SaniPet contains a bittering agent to dissuade from licking. Plus, SaniPet contains no fragrance for your pet’s safety and is safe to use on dogs and horses!

We all know that during these uncertain times we are trying to make safe choices, but we also know how awkward it would be to ask someone not to pet your dog while you’re on a walk. Many of us are cooped up inside working most of the day and these little interactions can help boost our mood. We recommend using SaniPet if your dog goes to doggy daycare, gets walked by an individual outside your household, or interacts with other dogs or people in public spaces! There are many opportunities for your pet to pick up outside germs, and you can trust SaniPet to prevent those germs from affecting you and your family.

Quick Tips For Being A Responsible Pet Owner

  1. Make sure you’re doing yearly veterinarian check-ups and teeth cleanings! Just like humans, our dogs need regular visits to their medical professionals to make sure they are living happy and healthy lives. Not a fan of brushing? Try SmartMouth Dog Chews or Plaque Re-lease to get a healthy mouth, without the brushing.
  2. Add a Pet Alert Sticker to an accessible door or window in your house! In case of emergency, this will alert the firefighters that your pet is in the house and needs rescuing.
  3. Always check your ingredients! Even if your pet doesn’t have allergies or food preferences, you want to be sure you’re feeding them the best. Just because you checked it years ago when you started feeding it, doesn’t mean that the formula hasn’t changed or that some ingredients are now not as widely accepted. It’s good to check your dog’s food yearly, or especially if you see a rebranding of packaging. Keep an eye out for ingredients like artificial colors and xylitol, as these additions can become harmful to your pet after too much consumption.

Most Importantly…

Make sure your pet feels loved! Whether their love language comes in feeding them treats, going on walks, or cuddles on the couch, the most important key to being a Responsible Dog Owner is ensuring your pet knows they are loved.

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