As horse show competitors, we are always trying to ensure our horses are at tip-top shape while still following our organization’s guidelines for health, safety, and fairness. Foran has tried to make that easier. Since 1972, Foran Equine has provided high-quality supplements with a no prohibited substances guarantee to help you feel confident during and between competition. 

Horse Show Ready

Foran Chevial at FarmVet

Chevinal is an all-purpose easy to feed supplement that helps your horse’s overall wellbeing at home, on stall rest, or on the road. Its comprehensive ingredients include amino acids to help muscles recover, while the B vitamins support metabolism and energy without adding unnecessary calories. Plus the addition of a built-in measuring cup provides hassle-free feeding on the road and at home. 

Foran Refuel Liquid and Refuel Gel at FarmVet

Refuel Liquid Gel should be in everyone’s horse show kit. With two easy-to-feed formulas, it is easier than ever to help your horse recover after exercise. Refuel is rich with essential electrolytes, Vitamin B, C, and E to encourage rehydration and appetite. Throw it into your travel trunk and you’ll always know you have them covered.

Foran Karron Oil at FarmVet

Karron Oil is a balanced Omega oil that is excellent for older horses, horses in the breeding process, horses who need more coat shine, or horses needing some overall nutritional help. This comprehensive oil supports digestive function, joint health, the immune system, the skin and coat, and fertility. It also works exceptionally in the winter to ensure your horse doesn’t lose their beautiful shiny coat. 

Young Horse Approved

Foran Coppervit at FarmVet

Coppervit is an excellent addition to the daily feed of younger horses. It uses copper to promote growth and development in horses’ skeleton, muscles, and immune system. So, whether they are a foal, showing on the line, or starting their under saddle show careers, this supplement provides them with the nutrition they need to promote strong bone structure and overall health.

Foran Friska Foal at FarmVet

Friska Foal is a delicious syrup that will help ease your concern about your foal’s health. It is full of essential vitamins and prebiotics such as Vitamin A, B, D, E, Folic Acid, and Biotin. This comprehensive blend ensures they are receiving everything they need for the best start in life. 

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