Strenuous workouts aren’t just tough on your horse; they can be tough on you, too! After a ride, rubbing your horse down in liniments and cooling gels is ideal for relieving soreness or inflammation. But don’t forget to take care of your own body! Sore No-More, Relief Gel, Freebute Gel, Tendonel & Tendonel Freeze, and Ezee Arnica each provide the luxury of a two-for-one package deal; healing for your horse and healing for you. Use any of these products on yourself after a tough ride to make sure you stay as healthy as a horse!

Sore No-More

Arenus’ line of liniments and gelotions can be used before or after intense work as they contain no oils. This line of herbal liniments uses witch hazel as a base, making it great for horses sensitive to chemically based liniments.


SNM Original

Sore No-More Original formula can be applied directly to the skin and massaged in before or after exercise on the back, legs, poll, or hocks for quick relief. This product also works great when applied to the sole of sore hooves. As this line contains no oils, you can use it under tack, wraps, or blankets without concern of your gear slipping off. Apply the mess-free gelotion followed by a warm towel press to increase circulation or ice packs to reduce inflammation for a more advanced cooling effect.



Sore No-More Performance is specially formulated for your performance horse. Made with comfrey, arnica, and other herbs, the performance line affords a more potent anti-inflammatory effect that meets all current FEI regulations while still providing relief. 


SNM Ultra

The Sore No-More Performance Ultra line is great for horses (or humans) suffering from deep tissue or soft tissue discomfort. It helps improve performance when used before a workout and continues to maintain tissue health after! This product also meets current FEI regulations, so that you can enter the ring worry-free!

FreeBute Gel


Cavalor’s FreeBute line comes in a topical gel, paste, or tablet form. The gel, however, is a great addition to any tack trunk or medicine cabinet! While it is an intense and effective gel, it doesn’t let off a strong odor or make your fingers tingle after application like some other liniments or cooling gels may. FreeBute gel contains eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil to help sore, tired, or overworked muscles, tendons, and joints to feel their best!

Apply FreeBute gel 1.5 hours before your workout to help loosen and relax sensitive muscles.  Apply after your workout to prevent stiffness, pain, and inflammation or swelling.  Use twice daily for faster recovery from sports injuries or bruises. Due to the essential oils, this gel should not be used under boots or saddle pads if applied before work. This gel is FEI safe.



ReliefGel by Ramard is a product you and your horse are sure to love! This topical analgesic helps alleviate joint, tendon, and muscle pain, discomfort, and swelling with only three active ingredients: arnica, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), and calendula. 

ReliefGel is colorless and odorless and does not leave a sticky residue or burn or blister sensitive skin. You can use this pre-workout under saddle pads or wraps, making it a great product to loosen and relax muscles before work and increase range of motion. Post-workout, apply this product to relieve soreness, aches, discomfort, or swelling.

ReliefGel may be applied to the desired area three times per day for intense pain or swelling. It does not contain prohibited substances making it a great addition to your horse-show checklist!

Tendonel & Tendonel Freeze

Elemental Equine provides us with two incredible, show-safe formulas to ease pain, reduce stiffness, and soothe tired muscles.


Tendonel is a cream-based rub made with comfrey oil, rosemary, lavender, lanolin oil, water, carbomer, and vitamins A, D & E. The comfrey herb has been used for centuries to relieve pain and inflammation caused by muscle trauma, alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis, as well as reducing pain caused by bone fractures!

Tendonel Freeze

Tendonel Freeze

Tendonel Freeze is composed of the same active ingredients as Tendonel but it also includes arnica and menthol to add a freeze effect to provide cooling pain relief. 

Ezee Arnica

Ezee Arnica

You can’t go wrong with Ezee Arnica! It is safe for you, your horse, and your dog! Use this gel pre- or post-workout to loosen stiff muscles and relieve sore, tired muscles.

Ezee Arnica combines the healing effects of arnica with a soothing aloe vera base. This gel is highly effective in preventing and relieving soreness, tension and increases the speed of healing of bumps and bruises. It soothes scuffs and knocks and absorbs easily when massaged into the skin.

This gel contains four active ingredients making it great for muscles, joints, tendons, and even sunburn relief: Aloe vera, arnica tincture, chamomile essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

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