Flies, mosquitoes, and gnats, OH MY! While we are glad to see the warm weather here to stay, we know it means one thing: pesky bugs. Tail swishing, hoof stomping, and flinching are annoying features we all know and hate. While FarmVet cannot make all the bugs disappear, we can help provide you with all of the necessities to keep them at bay. 

Fly Spray, Gel, Ointment, and Wipes  

Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray for flies at FarmVet

Equiderma Neem & Aloe Fly Spray is made with ten essential oils to repel bugs from your horse naturally. In addition to repelling flies, it also conditions coats and treats fungus or bacterial issues found on your horse’s skin. This fabulous-smelling fly spray is the one-stop shop for horses with sensitive skin. 

BugPellent Gel for flies at FarmVet

BugPellent Gel is a water-based, all-natural gel used to control flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats. It is non-greasy and contains no industrial pesticides. This effective natural repellent is perfect for horses who get welts from tick bites. Apply it liberally to your horse’s lower legs this summer to avoid those inflamed bites. 

SWAT ointment for flies at FarmVet

SWAT is a must-have for all barns. This simple ointment is perfect for repelling bugs from wounds, abrasions, or sensitive areas. It is water—and sweat-resistant to ensure the summer sweat doesn’t wash it away. This is a customer favorite and excellent at keeping those pesky gnats off your horse’s sensitive ears, eyes, and bellies. 

Nature's Force Wipes for flies at FarmVet

Nature’s Force Wipes are an easy addition to your grooming tote or show trunk. These wipes make everyday application of fly spray to sensitive areas like noses, mouths, and eyes easy. There is no need to worry about irritating their faces or making them stand still for the spray bottle. Also, these wipes won’t leak in your show trunks during travel! So there is no more worrying about irritated skin, and as a bonus, you won’t ever have fly spray all over your trunk. 

Fly Masks 

Cashel Crusader Mask for flies at FarmVet

The Crusader Mask is a staple in barns with pink noses. In addition to keeping those pesky flies off eyes and ears, they protect noses from sunburns. The soft-coated nylon micro-mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. So stop fighting your horse over sunscreen and Destin and strap this fly mask on. 

Weatherbeta Fly Mask Eye Saver for flies at FarmVet

The Fly Mask Eye Saver is best for horses with sensitive skin around their eyes. No worrying about rubs or visibility with this softer fly mask. 

Fly Sheets 

Rambo Fly Buster fly sheet for flies at FarmVet

The Rambo Fly Buster has a soft but strong mesh to keep the flies and sun bleaching away. Its built-in shoulder and mane liners ensure no shoulder rubs or mane loss occurs. This fly sheet by Rambo was made to withstand the naughtiest of horses. 

Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet for flies at FarmVet

Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet is soft, colorful, and effective in keeping flies and sun bleaching at bay. This lightweight breathable protects your horse from UV rays and absorbs excess moisture. This flysheet is perfect for horse’s that need summer protection but get warm.  


Simplyfly Fly Supplement for flies at FarmVet

SimpliFly is a feed supplement for horses that prevents stable and house flies from living in your horse’s manure. This formula ends the fly’s lifecycle and kills potential new larva. While this product doesn’t repel bugs, it limits the amount you will have at your facility. 

Nature's Force Bug Clear for flies at FarmVet

Nature’s Force Bug Clear is a palatable supplement that repels flies and insects. Made with natural ingredients such as garlic, turmeric, niacin, grapeseed extract, and thiamin, you can feel good about adding this to their daily feed. 

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