It’s time for spring cleaning, which often means sorting through and organizing tack and supplies. This sometimes yields outdated items or missing supplies. At FarmVet we’re doing the same, in a way, to keep our available items constantly up to date and stocked with the industry’s best. We have added quite a few items to the lineup, and here are a few new arrivals we’re excited to share.

New in Grooming

Epona Queen's Mane snd Tail Brush for grooming New Arrivals at FarmVet

The Queen’s Mane and Tail Brush from Epona is more than just an ordinary mane and tail brush. This brush is specifically designed to polish and protect your horse’s mane and tail. Boar bristles add shine, while nylon bristles help detangle, and the unique spiral design won’t rip hair. This brush could be the next staple in your grooming routine to minimize breakage or damage in manes and tails.

Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote for grooming New Arrivals at FarmVet

Spring puts us in an organizing mood, but the Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote can help you stay organized year-round at home or on the road. This tote is equipped with pockets of varying sizes to give you many options for organizing your gear. Store your horse’s brushes, sprays, and other grooming supplies to be readily available whenever needed. It has a padded removable shoulder strap, making it easy and comfortable to carry your supplies around the barn, to the trailer, or ringside at the shows.

New in Therapy

One of the most exciting new additions is RevitaVet Therapy Systems. RevitaVet is an industry leader in red light therapy and infrared therapy. The easy-to-use systems target many key areas of the body. Red light and infrared light therapy promote healing for skin lesions and soft tissue injuries, as well as provide nervous system benefits to relieve stress.

RevitaVet Therapy Systems for therapy New Arrivals at FarmVet

Light therapy with infrared diodes offers many benefits, most notably stimulating the release of Nitric Oxide from hemoglobin in the bloodstream. This happens locally when light therapy is applied, and blood flow increases at the same point. RevitaVet offers these targeted therapies for the back, tendons, hocks, knees, ankles, poll, and more, giving you a customizable therapy option to benefit your horse.

Quinn's Equine Poultice Wraps for therapy New Arrivals at FarmVet

If you’re looking for lower-cost treatments for your horse, we have new options for those as well! Quinn’s Equine Poultice Wraps utilize innovative packaging to create the simplest solution for poulticing your horse. The pre-portioned poultice and paper wrap makes for an easy and mess-free poultice session. It takes just three easy steps – peel, place, and press. Then your horse will be poulticed and on its way to recovery after a competition, hard work, or injury. No more waste or mess – these poultice wraps ensure the area is adequately and evenly covered. They save you time and spare you the hassle that is often a part of the poulticing process.

New for the Rider

MDC Stirrups for rider New Arrivals at FarmVet

MDC Stirrups have become a classic option for English riders. These stirrups are designed with the beautiful traditional look riders love but the new advanced design riders need for comfort. The lightweight high-traction aluminum tread gives riders more traction, support, and comfort during their ride without damaging boots, breeches, or saddle leather. The low-profile tread is practically invisible in the show ring, allowing all the benefits of the advanced design with the classic lines of traditional stirrups.

EquiFit Personalized Hanging Boot Organizer for rider New Arrivals at FarmVet

Back to the spring organizing… yes, we have more! The EquiFit Personalized Hanging Boot Organizer offers a simple twist on an old classic. This boot organizer has tabs on each pocket for labeling so your boots never get mixed up again. No more struggling to put pairs together or find the right size for each horse. The mesh pockets allow airflow so your boots can fully dry and be ready for each use.

New for Pets

Kurgo Core Cooling Vest for pets New Arrivals at FarmVet

Just in time for the warmer months, the Core Cooling Vest from Kurgo allows your dog to safely enjoy summer activities by keeping them cool while they play. It leverages evaporation to create a cooling effect strategically positioned over your dog’s core. The two-way zipper allows easy access to a harness or collar, and reflective accents make sure your dog is easily visible. Your dog won’t have to be stuck inside this summer due to the heat; keep them cool with the Core Cooling Vest instead!

FURminator for pets New Arrivals at FarmVet

FURminator is another exciting new addition to our lineup of pet supplies. When people think FURminator, they often picture the classic Undercoat Shedding Tool. But we have even more of FURminator’s top-quality tools available. From the Pet Bathing Brush to the Nail Grinder or Clippers, or even the dry shampoo and more, you can shop the full lineup and be set up to groom your dog like a pro.

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